THE SCRIPTS. Of course, I veered off of these a bit here and there.

Here is the script for the video I made to introduce the SDL App:

The Single Dad Laughing App.

It’s here! iPhone and iPad users! Go download it! Android phone and tablet users! I’ve got you covered, too! Windows phone users?!

<disappear, crickets sound effect>

<Appear sheepish> coming… eventually.

Almost one year ago, I started work on the Single Dad Laughing App. It was supposed to take 40 days max. Maybe 50 if everything went wrong.

<sigh> It’s now been 11 months, 2 weeks, 3 day, 14 hours, and… 16 minutes.


But, <dance ridiculously> it’s done. It’s done, it’s done, it’s done.

Now let me tell you why you need and will want the Single Dad Laughing App on your phone.

I mean, it has a section for my Single Dad Laughing blog posts. That’s a given. You gotta have those.

It also has incredible search for past blog posts. Better archives. And easy access to the popular blog posts I’ve written.

But… oh, ho ho ho ho ho. It has so much more.


You see, as I started to build this app, I started to get this bigger vision of what it could turn into.

I mean, we… YOU. AND ME. We’re a community. We laugh together. A lot! So much of what I share on SDL is stuff you all share with me! So much of what I do is because of what we talk about, what we cry about together, and how we banter so ridiculously back and forth with each other every day.

And realizing that, my vision for this app grew. And you’re going to see just how much it grew today and in the coming weeks.

You know our favorite posts I share which you only see new editions of every few months? You know, posts like…

The Truth Box

My random Texts to Wrong Numbers

Weird Confessions

Horrifying & Hilarious First Date Stories!

Random Cool Facts

Creepy Things Kids Say

Creepy Things Old People Say

Pregnancy Brain Moments

Horrible Things Blurted Out by Children with no Filters

Well, guess what.

Those are no longer going to be blog posts on Single Dad Laughing.

<super sad face> Sad. I know.

But that’s only because they will all have their very own section inside of the Single Dad Laughing App!

No more waiting months for your favorite features. Every day, the Single Dad Laughing app will have new content in these amazingly entertaining sections!

Why have one occasional giant dose of Creepy Kid quotes, when you can get constant, eerie soul-tickles every day?

Why just post a list of your weird confessions? Why not let anyone anonymously click a “me too!” button so that we can really see how weird we all are?

Why post a list of random cool facts when we could all tap a button for each and every one that says, “I knew that” or “I didn’t know that!” You know, because it’s fun to see how dumb or smart we actually are.

Or why wait for a new Truth Box post when there will be days we need to get on and feel “normal” in our imperfections… like, right then?

Hooo boy, my wheels got to spinning as I built this. The app as you can download it right now has several of these sections to start. In the next few weeks a whole bunch of additional sections will launch, and then every few weeks thereafter there will be a few more until…

<super serious>You don’t have a life anymore.

<still super serious>And I don’t have a life anymore.

<amazingly super serious>And we all are trapped in some weirdly fantastic SDL community inside of our gadgets.

Hahahaha. For real though. There are 50+ total sections in the works. A few of the ones coming super soon are listed inside of the app. The rest are TOP SECRET.

<goofy>I can’t be having people stealing my ideas, now!

Here’s what else is coming.

Strange polls. That’ll be a fun one. You weirdos.

The Dear Dan column. Who wouldn’t want perspective from a strange guy like me?

My podcast is coming back in the next few weeks, available only in the app.

In fact, from now on, all of these things are going to be available only in the app.

<evil grin and finger tapping gesture>You see, I’m forcing you to download my new app to continue seeing so much of what you love. Good marketing strategy, right? I think I deserve a gold sticker for this scandalous business plan.

Hahaha. In all reality though, everything we do together will just work better as part of this app instead of as blog posts.

And get this… If one particular entry in any section makes you laugh, or scream, or groan, or get the sniffles… you can favorite it and access it later. From any device you login to! You can share each one on your social networks or save it onto your phone as a nifty little sharable image. You can keep the stuff you love and go back to it when you want it or when you need it.

And guess what else. I’m a nice guy, too. You can disable anything you don’t want to see and you can make sure that you only get notifications for everything you want to be notified about. If any section doesn’t interest you, simply disable it in the preferences tab. You can make the Single Dad Laughing app give you what you want it to give you!

This app, and what it’s going to turn into as this community who uses it grows, is going to be SO fun! Oh my gosh. I cannot WAIT!

Anyhooooo… click on the links I’ve shared with this video to get it on Apple and on Android! Hurry! Before you forget!

And in all seriousness…

I love you guys. Single Dad Laughing is only what it is because of all the support all of you have always given me. Nowhere in this large noggin’ of mine do I think it has anything to actually do with me. It’s always been “us.” Together. And it always will be.

So let’s go have a LOT more fun. I’ll see you on the app!

And here is the script for the video I made to introduce the MemeCabin App:

<clip of me with big-ass white headphones, pretending to use the app and jam to music on my phone>This is me, enjoying the new MemeCabin App.


There’s no sound in this app. I just had an overwhelming urge to look awesome with my big ol’ headphones.

<remove headphones> Okay, let’s be ridiculously serious now. For real.

You know how every single day for years now, I have shared my favorite memes with all of you over on the Single Dad Laughing Facebook wall?

And you know how we all love them? And laugh over them? And share them? And can’t get enough of them?

Well, when I was originally designing the Single Dad Laughing app, I had this thought. Why not have a section inside of the app where everyone could see the memes I share every day? I mean, they are awesome.

Long story short, that idea became so involved and turned into something so friggin’ awesome, that I decided instead that the meme section needed to be an app all by itself.




Okay, maybe that’s a little drastic. But just a little.

Let me tell you about the app real quick, which I ended up partnering with my best friends to build.

But first…

<clip of me violently scrolling through my phone>

This is me, violently scrolling through all the thousands of photos in my phone to find that one amazing meme I saved like seven months ago. This is not efficient, my friends.

<clip of me paranoid and staring at my phone>

This is me, worried about some of the memes I have saved in my phone, hoping my kid doesn’t happen on them.

<clip of me discombobulated as I swipe through my phone>

This is me, discombobulated as I try to navigate through the other couple of popular meme apps that exist. What a mess those things are. Am I right?

<dramatic head nod>


I got to work creating this app which I called MemeCabin. It’s a brand new app which is packed with amazing features but is so simple in its nature.

It has a “Memes for Everyone” section which is full the same hilarious safe-for-everyone memes I share on Facebook every day.

It has a section for motivational and inspirational memes for when you just need to remember that, you know, you don’t suck, and are indeed awesome.

And… <gulp> It has a “Racy Memes” section which has all of those super naughty not-safe-for-work memes that you probably shouldn’t laugh at, and I probably shouldn’t laugh at, but we both do. And we both love that we do. But don’t worry. You can also set a passcode on that section so that young eyes can’t get into it.

You and me though? We can do whatever the <beep> we want because we’re <beeping> grown-ups. Am I right?!

Let’s see… What else does this app have…

Oh. SPIFFY GIFS! Full of all those fantastic little short silent video clips we all love.

<video nodding my head in approval> Ooh, this is nice. It has a Trending & Popular section. All the most popular memes at your fingertips. Yep, all your work is done for you there.

<clip of me getting super excited>Yes. Yes. Yes. It has a favorites section so that you can easily get to all your favorited memes you’ve seen in the past!

To add any meme to your favorites, just tap the favorite button and it’ll be easy to find forever! No more eternal scrolling through your phone’s photos!

Oh, and sharing! How can I forget sharing?! With a couple button taps you can easily post the memes you love most to Facebook or Twitter, or text them to your friends!

This. App. Is. Awesome!

Anyway, we wanted to build a one-of-a-kind app for finding and sharing memes because we realized what we wanted in an app didn’t exist yet.

Our main goal from the beginning was always to focus on quality over quantity. We agreed we would put in only the best memes. We would put in only the memes people love and share. We knew we’d rather have some days with fewer new memes than to just throw everything we can find into it. This is important to us. It’s what I’ve always done on Single Dad Laughing. It’s what we’ll always do with MemeCabin.

That’s a promise!

We’re also parents. We wanted an app that had it all, but an app that was also safe to have on our phones with young eyes around.

And, we focused on clean design. And simplicity. And features that make sense.

And more than anything, we wanted to make an app that was just… plain… fun!

It was beautifully designed for all smart phones and tablets. Go download it in Google Play or the App Store! The app is called MemeCabin. Remember that name. You’ll be screaming it later.

Or something like that.

Annnnd, here is the script of the video I made with the five things that would support me and these apps most.

Lots of you have been messaging me asking what is the best way to offer your support with the launch of my new apps.

First let me say, you rock my socks off for caring. No, really. Look. <hold up a pair of socks>. These were on my feet before you all cared so much, and you rocked ‘em right off. You’re amazing.

Anyway, there are really five things you can do to help support these apps and any of your favorite apps. Some are obvious, some not so much.

First, use the app! If you love it, get on it. Enjoy it. Submit your own stories, and confessions, and entries into your favorite sections.

Second, <big gulp> take a gulp, and pay a few bucks to disable the ads. Lots of people think that the ads will be more valuable to the developer than the fee they’ll pay to disable them. Ads are worth way less.

Can I be honest about something? I am hoping to make money doing this.

And isn’t it okay to make a living when you work really hard at something and it brings ongoing value to the lives of others?

Disabling the ads not only is extremely supportive for developers who bring you content that you love, it also gives you a WAY better user experience. These apps are SO much better without ads. Ads interfere with the whole experience! And… You’re going to love these apps and use them for years, so disabling the ads is a serious win-win for both of us, right?

<silly close-up>You know I’m right.

Third. Rate the app five stars in the App Store or in Google Play! 5 Star Ratings are a huge deal to app developers because they drive a lot more downloads. And every time a big update is launched, rate that one real quick too because the ratings start over!

Side note…

If you find a bug in the apps, please don’t give the entire app a bad rating with a report of the bug. Do me a favor and send me an email. If I can, I’ll get it fixed and I’ll get it fixed quick. I’ll always do my best to give you a bug-free experience, but some bugs are inevitable.

Fourth, don’t disable the notification for the entire app when you install the app, customize them! I’ve built the ability to enable notifications for new content in just the sections you love so much!

And finally, the fifth thing you can do to really help and support these new apps is to share the content you find and love while you’re using these apps. Everything you share looks so good when you share it or save it. Try it! We built these apps thinking big time about the power of sharing and we gave you stuff to share that looks really cool when you do share it!

And that’s it! THANK YOU so much for helping a blogger out as I transition within the crazy climate that the internet is these days for content providers like me. See you in the apps!


Get The Single Dad Laughing App for iOS (Apple) phones and tablets here!

Get the Single Dad Laughing App App for Android phones and tablets here!

Get The MemeCabin App for iOS (Apple) phones and tablets here!

Get the MemeCabin for Android phones and tablets here!

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