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My Doppelgänger!

My team started freaking out when this guy passed us at Tough Mudder, thinking it was me. As it turned out, they had found my doppelgänger...

Muddy. Depleted. Weakened. Triumphant. And Smiling.

The final chapter of our SDLHC Tough Mudder Story...

Humaning is Strange, Indeed.

I hope I may leave the story of my team today and share with you three personal moments when some of the ugly ghosts of my past showed up during Tough Mudder...

Impressions and Assumptions: The Blogger and Captain America

GUEST POST - A touching, honest, and frank look at one team member's expectations and the negative assumptions she had about me before we met at Mudder...

The Mud Mile Miracle

What happened at the Mud Mile during Tough Mudder was unexpected and would soon be referred to by my teammates as "The Mud Mile Miracle."

The Scariest Moments

My heart is still pounding thinking of these moments, especially when Lieutenant Dan got to the scariest, most risky obstacle of them all: King of the Swingers.

Standing in Ice. Dangerous Good Intentions. Teammate Down.

These were the first few miles of our Tough Mudder. The title says it all...

It was a great picture. Until I looked closer. And saw HER.

My buddies and I stopped for a goofy selfie. It really was a great picture. Until I looked closer. And saw HER. Then it became en EPIC picture...


Where were we? Oh, yes. That first wall before the starting line at Tough Mudder. The one that messes with you big time. Amazing things happened at this wall...

The Speech I Never Got to Give

It was go time. I had a “let’s do this!” speech all prepared to give my Tough Mudder teammates. But I never gave it. Instead they got only these ten words...

The Man in the Mirror

As I stood to give my speech to my 41 teammates the night before Tough Mudder, everything started falling apart and in the end only one person could save me...

Lieutenant Dan

Scared as hell, this man showed up to do the Tough Mudder with our team without the use of his legs. But there's more to the story. He's also my kid's stepdad.

The Stranger from Four Days Ago

(Language warning) Four days ago I left to lead 41 teammates in one of the hardest things we would ever do. And I almost didn't make it thanks to this man...

I Just Kind of… Let Go.

Do you know what’s over-the-top ridiculous? I forgot the one most powerful life lesson that life has taught me again and again. And it almost was the end of me.

After my *ahem* little display of crazy-man yesterday…

After my *ahem* little display of crazy-man yesterday, I decided to record this super quick video, drop it here, and go get some fresh air this weekend.

Dangling by the fingertips. Or something dramatic like that.

Deep inside, I know it's temporary. But right now I feel like I'm slipping. Big time. And I need some serious love with all this going on if I'm being honest...

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