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The UFO Guy

Just in case for some reason you didn't think that UFOs actually exist...

The ADD is Strong with This One

Ever wonder if ADD is a real thing? A lot of people do. Let me tell you about my amazing morning and let you be the judge, LOL.

Strange Things Are Seen in the City

I love people watching, and I have seen some really interesting people since moving to the city. This is a taste of some of the glorious weirdness I have seen...

The Fart That Saved the Weekend

Just when I was ready to throw in the towel on my son's and my entire disappointing weekend together, an unexpected moment made everything change in a hurry...

All By Myyy Seeeelllllfffff…

Just a wee little update on my wee little bum surgery fun. Today, I found myself singing with happiness. What will tomorrow bring? OMG, I can only imagine...

Pain Pills & My Newfound Addiction

I've gotten lots of notes asking how I am. Just giving you an update. Not too well, but I have a new (non-pain-pill) addiction to help me get through!

Assking for Help

As I turned down the kindness and help of... everyone, at a time when I knew I really needed it, one specific moment made me realize that I have a problem...

Under the Knife

Going under the knife... Not a lot scares me. Surgery scares me, as is evidenced by this post full of nervous-typing. Hahaha. Ugh. See you on the other side.

When Everything Went White

It was supposed to be a super low-key night. Then I came to, my face pressed on the floor next to a public toilet, staring into the eyes of my panicked friends.

Sitting Here, Wedged Between These Pillows

As I sit here struggling with my latest health battle, I watch from my window as a hurting homeless man passes below. And it makes me realize something...

The Butt of a Thousand Different Jokes

Wanna know how to immediately be the butt of a thousand different butt jokes? I guess just blog about having a hurt butt. These gems were among the many.

All Butt-Hurt About It

Since I posted an Instagram of me in all of my Emergency Room, hospital-gown, doped-up glory yesterday, I thought I better give you an update...

“Well, son… That was… Testosterone.”

New to the city, my scared (and now awake) child asked what had just shaken the entire house. Rather annoyed by it myself, I decided to tell him... the truth.

The Google Translate Telephone Game

What would happen if you put a phrase into Google Translate, then pass the translation from language to language to language? Well, let's find out, shall we?

[doun-sahyz-ing] & [moov-ing]

There is the dictionary definition of "to downsize" and "to move," and then there is my definition, after having just done it for a week straight.

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