No pain pills today. Zero. Zip. Nada!!!

Well, unless you count ibuprofen which I certainly don’t.

That nasty fog and dizziness was gone when I woke up. That alone is worth its weight in guacamole.

I just got done with a two hour nap.

I’ve officially got two more episodes of Parenthood under my binging Netflix fanny pack.

And I even felt good enough to belt out… 🎶 All By Myyy Seeeelllllfffff… 🎶 for a solid five minutes in my bedroom full-length mirror while donning the most comfortable sweat pants you could imagine.


You KNOW I’m serious when my nostrils flare like that.

Amazing the difference one day can bring. Today singing. What will tomorrow bring? Running? Leaping? Dancing? Maybe breakdancing The Worm?


Oh, you know when you just turn that corner of your recovery when you know things will get better every day from there on out?

It’s a moment worth singing for.

I keep wanting to apologize for my blog post yesterday. But I’m not going to. Good golly. I was hating life and that’s part of life sometimes.

And so is being happy when life hands you an ice-cold glass of lemonade.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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