Ever since I was a teenager, my heart has flip-flopped more than a wealthy Republican between wanting to move out and live self-sufficiently on a farm somewhere, and moving to a city where there is lots of noise and things to do and people to see.

It’s the people to see that has always drawn me to the city most, I think.

And for the first time in my adult life, and probably since I was a small child, I am out of the suburbs and stationed at the dead center of the city.

I haven’t gotten to explore much at all yet, being all cooped up and tied down while I heal. It’s driving me bonkers. I want to go find coffee shops, and places to take my kid, and venues to hang with friends. Every day, stuck for the time being inside a small apartment in a big city (well, big for here, anyway), I get cabin fever of the worst sorts.


When I do get stir crazy, I go outside, I sit on my cushion, out on my folding chair, out on my balcony, and I just sit for as long as I can handle it, either reading or watching the amazing people who walk by. (Or, I take ridiculous selfies for blog posts, obviously).

I already told you about the dude walking down the street with a giant bird on his shoulder. That was the tip of an iceberg made of wonder, and I don’t even live on a street with all that much street traffic.

So far…

I was amazed to see a man at exactly 2:21 AM walking down the street with a gas-powered weed whacker, making as much noise as he could, swinging it and occasionally taking out chunks of the city’s bushes as he passed by. Suddenly he tossed the weed whacker over a stone wall, and ran.

Hm. Okay. Awesome.

I watched an odd looking couple standing below me, argue for the longest time about the f***ing c*** bimbo he been sleepin’ wit, and if she ever git her hands on that woman, pray to Jesus she can control herself.

Hm. Okay. Awesome.

Yesterday, a teenage boy literally had his arms wrapped around two girls to his left and two to his right, pulling them close to him as they went. That fivesome owned the whole sidewalk and then some while they strolled.

Hm. Okay. This is Utah. One man. Lots of ladies, right? Awesome.

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