ADDMy eyes popped open at 10:01 AM this morning, which may seem like sleeping-in, but I was up until 4 fixing a website issue. Fun stuff. Always.

I had a plan the moment I woke up. I knew that today was going to be an insanely busy day with a million things to complete before I go pick up my kiddo, so that plan was simple. Pee. Go take my ADD meds. Then dive into my task list which has grown monumentally large with this health setback.

’Twas a simple plan. Except…

I peed.

Then I decided to take my vitamins and supplements real quick. I’d take my ADD medication immediately after so that I could have a productive day.

I took my vitamins.

I think I’ll just crush these boxes really quick. ADD medication, I’ll get to you next.

I crushed the boxes. And emptied all the trashes so that I could take it out with the boxes. All right, ADD meds, I’m coming for you…

Oh shoot, I need to text a few people back that I never replied to yesterday. I’ll just do that first. Real quick.

I texted those people.

Then I thought of a friend I haven’t seen in ages and wondered how she was doing. So I texted her. Then I got sucked into my Amazon app because I remembered I need a shower curtain liner. Then I added some new shoes to my shopping cart. Then I added some stuff I forgot I need to get ordered for the next Tough Mudder. Then I removed the shoes because I don’t need more shoes.

I gotta take my Adderall. I stood up after finishing my order and headed toward the locked box where I keep my pills.

Not sure what happened next. But I found myself putting the batteries into these battery powered fake candles I bought at Costco a while back. Absolutely no reason that needed to be done now. Crap. Again I headed toward the ADD meds.

NO. What is that?! A stain on one of my favorite shirts?! I spied it in the pile of laundry I had dumped out on the couch for folding last night and, surprise, surprise, never got to folding. I went and picked up my shirt. NO. No, no, no. Well, it had lived a good life. I sang it a song of appreciation, said, “thanks for the good times,” and put it with the stack of stuff that needed taking out with the trash.

That’s it. NOTHING else until I take my pills. Nothing.

I didn’t even start heading toward the this time. At the moment of my resolve, I also felt something hard in my pocket. I pulled it out. An old flash drive. I had found it while cleaning the day before and had been needing to update the firmware on a TV speaker for a while now, which required the use of a flash drive. Next thing I know, I’m neck-deep in sentimentality, scrolling through the pictures I must have put on that thing 8 years ago. When those were gone, I updated my firmware. I sighed with content, and I remembered my ADD meds once more.



I felt my phone buzz. Half an hour later I realized I was neck deep in Facebook.

And then I realized I hadn’t replied to any comments from my awesome Facebook peeps over on the SDL wall yesterday.

And then I realized I needed to check on how the site was doing today after my late night fixing it.

And then I…


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