“Come on, Dan. What’s up with the long hair?”

“I miss your old hair! When are you going to bring that cute, blonde short hair back???”

“Hey hippy boy, did you get a VW Bus to go with your long hair, too?”

Yep. I hear that crap a lot. Always from complete random Internet strangers or distancing relatives. The people in my real, everyday life know better than to tempt my defiant and stubborn ways with such talk.


Seriously?! Never a picture of me these days gets posted without hearing that at least once. Sometimes multiple times. Especially over on the recent Single Dad Laughing Roast.

Ummm. I do? I need to cut it? Explain to me the need ‘cause… I may be a dumdum, but I don’t dun gettit. The definition of need is to “require (something) because it is essential or very important.”

Do I “need” to cut it? Or would you “like” me to cut it?

And if you’d “like” me to cut it, I have to ask myself… why? Again. I don’t dun gettit. I’ve really thought about your recent comments, like, really, really, really, really, really not at all, and I’ve decided that what you want me to do with my hair is completely useless information to me.

Now, I know that I have changed my look. And drastically. This is what I looked like when I started this blog half a decade ago:


And it is true. I don’t look like that no mo’.

I have my own reasons for growing my hair out and they {GASP} probably aren’t what any of you think. But aren’t the fact that they’re my reasons be good enough? Shouldn’t someone’s own reasons be good enough for any person? And when I do cut it again, shouldn’t the personal reason I do it be good enough? Do I need to explain that, too?

Well, obviously I don’t need to explain it to all of you. But to many of you, I apparently do. Because… Just as often as I get that, I get this…

“Oh my gosh, your hair! Never cut it, ever! So sexy!”


“Dan, I want to have your babies, and be your sex slave, and hand-feed you grapes, and spend all my money on you, and please don’t be weirded out, but I have pictures of you printed out that now wallpaper my bedroom because there are so many.”

Okay, that last one never was actually said. In so many words. Hahaha.

But really, as nice and fun as it is to hear the positive, is that any of my business, either? No. Just like it’s none of your business if I love or hate your current hairstyle. You do you. Who gives a crap what anyone thinks!

Here’s what I’ve learned in the last five years of being “popular” (the term gives me shudders).

Most people are great. Almost everyone has an opinion, but most people are awesome enough to keep their opinions to themselves. And, some people aren’t. They jab and poke with their opinions hoping that their jabs and pokes will have some sort of tiny escalating effect on whoever they’re jabbing and poking. They positively reinforce or they negatively tear down with their statements.

Because of that, one fundamental truth for me (and anyone) exists…

If I listen to the opinions of one, I have to listen to the opinions of the other. If I soak in the good, I have to soak in the bad. If I am open to positive reinforcement, I am also open to negative reinforcement. And if I am weak enough to be completely open to both ends of it, well shoot…

I’m then going to both love myself and hate myself way too much.

And I am  never going to be content with who I am, no matter what I look like, or no matter who I choose to be because someone will always think that I should look or be different.

Do you know why I’m growing my hair out? It’s not because I think it’s sexy or because I think other people will think it’s sexy.

It’s really because of three main reasons, which are none of your business, but I think they make interesting discussion.

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