Girls Night Pillow Fight

’Twas the night before flying
To the Tennessee Mudder
We had to wake up at three
Yes, that’s A.M., did I stutter?

And since the airport’s so close
Two friends came and camped here
We had pedicures, dinner
Then we’d be smart and retire

These are good friends of mine
In some ways the best
And instead of being ol’ smart ones
We gave up our rest

See, our girls night was already
Filled with loud laughter
We figured, hey who cares
Once we die, we’ll sleep after

And we grabbed us some pillows
And continued our girls night
We started hitting each other
In the girliest pillow fight

Slow motion seemed right
For an event just that silly
So here it is now
I’ve got no rhyme for this line.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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