I don’t think I’m gonna narrate this most recent SDLHC Tough Mudder here on my blog. It was amazing beyond amazing. Lives changed. My life changed. The impossible happened again and again. And again. And again. Etc. Etc. Can we keep it at that?

Okay. Fine. It really was incredible. I’ll go one step further… Once I’ve collected them all, I’ll share a blog post with all of the most powerful pictures from this Mudder. They’re worth looking at, fo’ shizzle my frizzles. Tune into that.


I was sharing a room with three other dudes at this one. Of course, sharing a room almost always leads to grumpy Dan coming out and yelling repeatedly at my roommates to, for the love of God, roll over and quit snoring! I cannot handle snoring. I have a really cool head most of the time. Not a lot gets under my skin. But snoring… every time. I think there’s something that makes me extra bitter and cantankerous about the fact that someone else is sleeping so deeply which is the very thing that is causing me to be unable to sleep, and they are completely clueless in the moment as to just how much they are robbing me of would have been my sanity and my alertness the following day.

Anyway. I’m sure I snore once in a while. Not usually. But sometimes.

I used to snore a lot, and it drove my wife at the time bonkers for the same reason it drives me up the wall now. So… I trained myself not to snore anymore. Impossible you say? Not even. I asked her kick me, and hard, every time I snored, which was even more annoying to me than people snoring… To be awoken in the middle of the night with a painful foot to the inner thigh? Not the funnest, friends. Not the funnest. But I persevered, and soon I began waking myself up when I would begin to snore. It was survival mode at that point, for sure. Eventually, I just didn’t really snore at all.

I know. I know. But, come on. I’m barely a hero.

Anyway… Sorry for the tangent. Where were we? Mudder. Tennessee. Sharing a room with three other snoring dudes.

It was Saturday night. The Tough Mudder was officially over hours before. We had enjoyed a rambunctious little after party complete with booze, out of control laughter, and ridiculous shenanigans, evidence of which was forbidden to ever leave that room.

Eventually we retired for the night. I think it was something like 1AM. I don’t know. I just know we were beat. We were tired. And we all went to bed ready to sleep for the next three days straight.

Of course the loudest snorer in our posse fell asleep first. The loudest snorer always falls asleep first. I don’t know why it works that way. I will, however, leave out names to protect the guilty.

I also remember beings super annoyed about it, yet drifting off almost immediately anyway. Yes, even my biggest pet peeve wasn’t enough to irk me for more than a few seconds.

Suddenly, I don’t know, half an hour later? An hour later?

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