truthful-confession-humanEvery Sunday, I have posted the same post over on the Single Dad Laughing Facebook wall

“Right now. Right here. Tell me the 100% honest truth.”

The first time I posted it, I had no idea the impact it would have on my life or how absorbed I would become in the replies. I had no idea it would become my absolute, hands-down, favorite Facebook post each week. I remember one week I missed posting it, and it really did feel like an important part of my week was missing.

It’s such an interesting phenomenon… asking people for the complete and honest truth in an environment where that truth is not anonymous? I mean, sure, the chances anyone who knows them actually seeing their post is slim, but the chance is still there. And every single week, the replies are powerful. So powerful.

Anyway, I have collected my favorite replies over the past couple months. These are 60 of them. Some funny as all get-up. Some sad. Some powerful. Some just an amazing and simple glimpse into this broader thing we call being human.

60 Kind-of-Anonymous but 100% Truthful Confessions

“4 chemo treatments down, 2 to go, then surgery. Cancer can KISS MY ASS!!! But I WILL win. No matter how hard, I WILL win.”
“I painted my old New Kids on the Block Barbie Doll for my Oscars Party tonight! And I feel slightly guilty about it.”
“I am disgusted with how I look and I’m finally done with the excuses I’ve made about it. I’m finally taking my life back. I’m going to get healthier and lose the weight. Not for anyone else, but for me!”
“I was sick yesterday so I hid the dirty dishes in the oven and sprayed Febreze everywhere before my mother in law came over.”
“Every time I think I couldn’t possibly love him more, I discover I was wrong. #DownSyndromeRocks”
“I just Nerf gunned my kid in the face. and I don’t feel bad.”
“I think she is the one.”
“I love being single, but hate being lonely.”
“Potty training blows…”
“Going back to college for a second degree at 30, while working full time is no freaking joke! (Pass the Adderall)”
“My course is not about vaginas. Take a look at those vocal cords. ”
“We were married 40 years, he decided Second Life was more fun – he left – I have never been happier in my life! Broke – back at school – doing stuff! Life is grand.”
“I hate Blue’s Clues. Hate it. But I would really drown Dora in the lake if I could.”
“I’m tired of the bullshit. All of it.”
“I’m SO over living in a small town with small minded people.”
“I’m so hungry, but I know if I get up to get something, my kid will want some too. She is quiet and her younger siblings are napping. I’ll stay hungry for some peace and quiet.”
“Being a single mom of 6 is the most rewarding but tiring job.”
“My husband is a bigger kid than my children and I love him more than anything but just one day I would like to have some grown up help with serious issues. I feel like I burden all the stress by myself and it really sucks.”
“We need dog food, but it’s raining and we’ve got a huge box of milk bones so the dogs are probably going to have a junk food dinner.”
“I miss sex.”