Gosh, I could write ten thousand things right now.

I am unfortunately suspending all content inside of the Humaning App and going back to regular ol’ awesome Single Dad Laughing via regular ol’ website blogging. Hopefully I’ll get the app going again down the road, because… it actually is doing awesome. It’s just not making enough money to offset EVERYTHING associated with it, or to put all the legs back that have been knocked out from under it.

It seems that no matter how much I throw at the app in terms of time, money, effort, and sometimes just pure determination, there is always another major blow waiting around the corner.

At launch, the whole thing blew up. I finally got that worked out. Then Google, without any warning, terminated my entire Google Play account, claiming that there was malware in the Android version of the app. Three independent companies scanned the app and found no malware. Google, notorious for not communicating with developers, would not reply anything more except that they could not reply anything more. And that was that. Even then, I was determined to somehow keep going with it, but my developers then disappeared, along with my money, and did not give me a product to distribute. Still, you were loving the current version, and the vision of what I was yet building was still strong, so I hired new developers to pick up the pieces. Then after just a few weeks, they also disappeared, more or less.

I finally got a reply from them this week, blaming me for their disappearance because I left for the weekend several weeks ago. That, apparently, was their green light to stop work. Obviously that is ridiculous. It is what it is. The hard truth is that because I can’t throw a whole lot more money at this app, I am having to start making bad development decisions to keep going. I am getting into bed with shady developers who will toss me to the wolves the moment better opportunities for them come along, and I am not going to have any peace, any completely working app, and a whole lot more stress in my life if I keep going right now.

Of course, writing this out makes the answer so obvious. Ditch it and move on to the next iron in the fire. But see, I’m as far along and as buried under this app as I am because I really have given it just about everything I have to make it work. And the biggest problem is that it is working. Beautifully. Just not enough to build it to what it needs to be in order to actually stay ahead of the expenses and development cost. The fact that it’s working though, or so close to working, has taken me further on this ride than I ever should have come. I’ve been the donkey with a carrot hanging in front of my nose for some time now, and it’s time I realize that when it comes to this app, the carrot is probably always going to be just out of reach no matter how far I go. The project is just too complicated for me and what I have left in my personal arsenal to give to it.

The moment I realized that, accepted that, and decided to just let it all go, I became free. So free. Like, the kind of free that only happens when giant burdens are lifted off my shoulders. There is so much time, money, blood, sweat, and tears I’m leaving behind as I walk away. But… Now that I have, I can start running forward instead of squatting in one spot, unable to move, and unsure of which direction to go.

There are always more irons in lots more fires. The Meme Cabin App is going strong. People love the app! And that app has led to another amazing iron in a very amazing fire that I have high hopes for. Also, another app partnership opportunity opened up and that project is going full force. It not only will be amazing, but will never drain me the way the Humaning App has. I’m so excited for that one. Out biggest pitfalls, it seems, open the door for life’s next great adventures. Sometimes the step back in order to take a step forward is a huge one, but what’s in front of us is always waiting once the dust settles.

More than anything, I want to thank you all for your support. So many of you use and love The Humaning App. I know this is a huge bummer and that you have been waiting for some time for the next sections to be launched. Some of you even donated a little money to help get there. I really tried to make it work.

I still believe the Humaning App will be amazing in the future. I just have to wait until the time is right and I can do it right. Thanks for understanding.

And don’t worry. All of the amazing things from the app will come back to this blog. The format will change but we’ll still enjoy Wrong Numbers, Random Facts, No Second Date for You, The Truth Box, Weird Confessions, and everything else that was scheduled to come.

It’s not always easy letting go of a dream that isn’t working. It’s not always easy admitting that something is bigger than I am. I want to believe I can do anything and that I am immune to failure. Oh, well. It is what it is. Today is a new day.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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