#ForgetFacebookFriday is a new day designated to getting the frick off of Facebook and enjoying life away from the constant connection to everyone else.

PROPER USE: Use #ForgetFacebookFriday on Thursday to remind people you’ll be gone and to miss you. Use it the day after to remind people that you had a life outside of Facebook (but don’t worry, you’re back!). Also use it when you, yourself, accidentally post to Facebook on a Friday and don’t realize it until it’s too late to delete it.

Example in action:
IMPROPER USE: Don’t use it in a Facebook status update on a Friday. Duh. “How is everyone doing with their #ForgetFacebookFriday?” Yeah. Don’t do that. You’ll look like a socially-addicted twit, and come #ToughLoveTuesday, the world will tell you so.
#SesquipedalianSaturday is a new and very special day dedicated to those who are just exhuasted by the end of the week with all the misspellings, poor grammar, abbreviated words, and elementary vocabulary which floods Facebook every day.

PROPER USE: I do not need to tell you the proper use for #SesquipedalianSaturday. If you know what the word ‘sesquipedalian’ means, you’ll also know how to use #SesquipedalianSaturday to escape from the social laziness that the internet has become.

Example in action:
IMPROPER USE: There is really no need to explain to anyone the improper usage of #SesquipedalianSaturday, either. I will tell you, though… if you can’t follow (or educate yourself enough to follow) those conversations using the #SesquipedalianSaturday hash tag, do yourself a favor and don’t try to jump in.The water is too deep for you, my friend. Way too deep.
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