#SweatpantsSunday is a new day designated to sharing a snapshot of your real life. Not the fake life that you present every day all day to everyone. The real one. The one where you’re unshowered, unkept, smelly, gross, lazy, and loving every minute of it.

PROPER USE: Use #SweatpantsSunday to help everyone else in the world NOT be depressed about how awful their lives seem to sometimes be. Use it to help people remember that… holy crap. Not everyone is perfect all the time and I dont’ have to hate myself the way I thought Facebook wants me to.

NOTE: Sweatpants not actually required. Sweatpants are just symbolic of the fact that sometimes, even if only for a few hours, we all give up trying.

Example in action:
IMPROPER USE: You cannot be wearing make-up when you use the tag #SweatpantsSunday. You cannot not be wearing a bra. You cannot be wearing clean underwear. You definitely cannot have your hair done up all pretty-like. You cannot do anything but sit like the turd you are enjoying being, and being okay with that.

So, what do you say. Pretty dang incredible way to start experiencing Facebook, don’t you think?

#IThinkSo #WithAllMyHeart #OkayMaybeNotAtAll

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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