Over on the Single Dad Laughing Facebook page, and just crossing my fingers for awesome replies, I posted this:

“I dare you to, right this second, ask your small child (if you have one) what is the number one thing that makes you as a mommy or daddy SO WEIRD, and then post their word-for-word answer in the comments below.”

The replies were so much better than I could have expected. All of you for the win. Again! So… Enjoy. I sure did!

What Makes Mommies & Daddies SO WEIRD?!
Answers from children to the hilarious question: “honey, what is the number one thing that makes me SO weird?!
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    From Leslie

    My 7 year old said “when you end up peeing your pants on the trampoline. Why do you do that?” My rebuttal? I had four children.

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    From Blaise

    He said, “you’re like a snake! You don’t have a penis!”

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    From Jamie

    My 7 year old daughter answered. “You can’t be a mommy without your coffee, I don’t like coffee so I can’t be a mommy.”

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    From Katie

    My 4 year old son replied, “you don’t fart… probably cause you are a girl and only have a booty. You need a butt.”

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    From Samantha

    “That you don’t wear bras around the house!”

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    From Brittani

    My 6 year old boy… “Cause I don’t know where your pee comes out”

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    From Sarah

    “I texted my teenage daughter and her response was “you love shoes so much your eye twitches every time you get a new pair.”

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    From Amanda

    “Your legs look whiter than your arms.”

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    From Krystal

    “Hmm, you stand like a flamingo and you sweat really bad.”

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    From Elizabeth

    Me: what makes mommy weird?
    3 year old only child: me!
    Me: what makes daddy weird?
    3 yo: me!

    At least she acknowledges that she makes us weird!

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    From Jodi

    My 6 year-old said, “Mommy, you like to look at daddy’s butt.”

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