What Makes Mommies & Daddies SO WEIRD?!
Answers from children to the hilarious question: “honey, what is the number one thing that makes me SO weird?! (Continued from the previous page.)
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    From Kristin

    My daughter said: “Dad is hairy, and mom… nothing.” I lifted my eyebrows at her and said, really? Then she said, “that. When you put your eyebrows up.”

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    From Dana

    You’re not weird. Why are you asking me that, mommy? (Some man on the internet told me to) MOMMA! Don’t listen to strange men on the internet!

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    From Michelle

    My youngest daughter said ‘Because you want to live in a library’. Yes. It’s true, I would if I could.

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    From Evelyn

    “You’re weird because you ask questions like, are you wearing clean underwear? Who puts on dirty underwear? You ask if I brushed my teeth then smell my breath. You cut my nails when I sleep. Mom you are kinda obsessed with me. You might need a hobby.”

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    From Victoria

    My daughter is 6 and replied, “nothing mom. Why your phone says to ask me? Nothing is weird about you or daddy or brother. Just the wall. The wall has a small hole.”

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    From Marti

    My seven year old looked at me very seriously and said… “Nothing. It’s just in the blood.”

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    From Tina

    My youngest said, “because I suddenly start dancing, no matter where I am.” Then she quickly added, “but don’t stop. It’s weird, but it’s fun!”

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    From Lindsey

    One of my five year olds chimed in, “I know! Dad’s boobies are too wobbly!”

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    From Lori

    I don’t have a small one, but my 17yr old said, “you’re weird because you talk about everything and you have no boundaries.” I’ll take being weird.

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    From Meredith

    About daddy… “Because his hair looks like a popping up cheese giant.”

    About mommy… “You cut your hair and you said it would grow back, but its been for-ebber and your hair is not long like it was. I liked your pretty hair why did you cut it?” Then she went on a 10 minute rant about how much she wants my hair to grow out RIGHT NOW.

    Apparently she’s obsessed with our hair.

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    From Lisa

    “Mama you are weird because you’re my mom! Thats all, carry on!” And he skipped off to play!

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