What Makes Mommies & Daddies SO WEIRD?!
Answers from children to the hilarious question: “honey, what is the number one thing that makes me SO weird?! (Continued from the previous page.)
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    From Tonikka

    About me: “It’s weird that you always have your hair in a bun…. You ALWAYS do!”

    About daddy: “Its weird that he always takes his phone to the bathroom.”

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    From Amanda

    My 7 year old said, “the way you talk to the dog like he’s a person.”

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    From Sarah

    My 5 yr old said, “when you sing the wrong words to songs.” And then she added… “or when you try to cook food and it comes out black. Why does it do that momma?”

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    From Katie

    I am a mom to all boys! I asked them “What makes mommy weird?” And they said, “You don’t go to the bathroom right!” (Because I sit down to go.)

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    From Jenifer

    I asked my 4 year old, what makes mommy weird… she sighed and said, “Daddy.”

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    From Cheyenne

    “What makes Daddie so weird is that, um, the weirdest thing about Daddie is, um, he kissed his car once and that he likes the old Doctor Who.”

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    From Connie

    My 4 year old put both hands on my shoulders, stared me in the eyes, and said, “I can’t answer that.”

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    From Kris

    “Because you’re probably the only dad that would let me drive the truck at age 9.”

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    From Emily

    My son, age 4: “You kinda always make me go to bed at seven o’clock.”

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    From Karie

    “Umm, you fart. And you kiss your husband.”

Hahahahaha. Your kids rock, and they know what’s up. Now. Back to the grind with you! Or hang out here with me diddly dinkin’ around.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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