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Don’t You Wish You Coined That? 60 of the Best Sayings Ever.

These are my favorite (mostly) hilarious replies to the question I asked, "which saying do you wish you had the credit for coining?"

Silencing the Acerebral Cretin

I despise adult bullies and name-callers. I recently grew so agitated with one such person that I shut him up by burying him with words he wouldn't understand...

R.I.P. Old Friend. You Deserved a Better End.

One of my oldest, worn-down friends deserves a lot more than being tossed into the toilet like common waste... So today I give the memorial such a lid deserves.

This Is My Super Fun Life At the Moment…

I'm a day and a half into this, and it's only getting worse... Can someone knock me out and wake me up next week?

Strange Things Are Seen In the City – Vol. 2

I love living in the city. Last week, just after Noah had finally gone to sleep after a restless night, what shows up outside my window? A helicopter of course.

An Unexpected Wake-Up Call

So... When early-morning warfare outside woke me up early this morning, I went out to watch. They finally noticed me, and I just couldn't help what I did next.

My Year of Morbid & Hilarious Thoughts & Daydreams

A year ago (after watching Walter Mitty) I began noting down my own weirdest, most morbid, and hilarious thoughts during my most random and boring moments...

“Dum, dee, dee. I’m gonna start a blog.”

Five years ago today, a much blonder, more lanky, less bearded, sadder, confused, trapped man sat down and said, “Dum, dee, dee. I’m gonna start a blog...”

Stuck Between a Bus and a Train

This was, by far, the scariest moment I've ever experienced with my child... Stuck in a really bad situation with a train headed straight at us.

30 Hair-Raising Moments Brought to Us by… Our Kids

Only the BEST parents take pictures first and discipline later. These 30 pics of kids caught in the act should make every parent feel a little more awesome.

My Big, Fat, Bald-Faced Lie

Single Dad Laughing - Dan Pearce - Lying Truth
I consider myself a very honest person. And by very honest, I mean mostly honest. But I told a big, fat lie recently and got busted for it by my kid's mom...

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It took me seven years to gain fifty pounds. Is it really plausible to think that I can lose it in a week?

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