Over on the Single Dad Laughing Facebook page, I posted a simple request: “Knowing that I might use it in an SDL post, post your favorite picture you took when your kid did something *super* naughty. Hahaha. Giant messes, mayhem when your back was turned, your stuff destroyed… it’s all good!”

Just as always, you came through and gave me exactly what I needed to laugh late into the night.

Here are your kids, doing what all kids do. Being awesomely naughty and getting caught.

30 Hair-Raising Moments Brought to Us by… Our Kids

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Letter of the Law...
“I told my 4 year old twins not to get their clothes muddy, we were leaving soon. Technically they didn't...” ~Jessie
His line-work is superb.
“Somone found dad's clippers when he should have been sleeping.” ~Shell
Little Home Wrecker
“But mom...you said you wanted new tiles in the bathroom!” ~Sally
Made of Money
Corbin, 5yo: “I was sitting on the bed, licking the money, then Harper (twin brother) ran in the room, and made me swallow my quarter.“ Mom: “Why did you have money in your mouth when you know you aren't allowed to?“ Corbin: “I don't want to talk about this anymore.“ ~Jessi
For All of Life's Tricky Discomforts...
“Diaper cream. He burst into tears as soon as he saw me.” ~Angie
Filling Mom with Gratitude
“Emptied a bottle of chocolate syrup on the floor and went swimming... I was grateful it was chocolate.” ~Rachel
Growing up.
“ Look mommy I drew a beard!! With a sharpie.” ~Jessica
Keeping it between the lines.
Armpits count as lines, right? ~Amy
He just likes the articles.
“My brother started early.” ~Kristen
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