Goodbye old friend. You certainly deserved a better end than what I gave you.

For years and years you were there whenever I needed you.

And I dropped you in the toilet like you were nothing.

You were getting old. And worn. And your days were numbered.

You had shrunk to the point where you didn’t fit quite right. And still I often came to you, looking for nothing more than the comfort you have always offered.

We sweat together. We bled together. We cried together.

We found love many times together. We walked away from the ashes of relationships gone South together every time.

You were there when my child was born. You watched him grow up with me. He knew you nearly as well as he knew me. The three of us had many grand adventures.

And I accidentally tossed you into the toilet.

You know me.

I often do really dumb, dumb, dumb things.

I must say goodbye to you now. Sure, our day of parting was already nigh. But you deserve better than a watery grave meant usually for waste. You weren’t waste. You were comfort. You were stability. You were protection. You made me see better on days where the world was just too bright. You were amazing.

And so… I am going to give you a more proper goodbye before I toss you in the waste bin for good.

Here’s looking at you, kid. Thanks for the good times…

Haha. Okay. Just say it. I’m a giant dork.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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