• Confession #11

    “I put a bumper sticker that said “Cowboy Butts Drive Me Nuts” on the back of my manager’s teal green Chevy Camaro. He didn’t notice it for nearly two months.”

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  • Confession #12

    “My boss was evil & had a secret stash of snacks. Whenever she was mean to me, I would throw away one of her snacks. She kept having to replenish them and never found out it was me.”

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  • Confession #13

    “I’m a waitress and the nicer you are to me, the bigger the dessert you get.”

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  • Confession #14

    “If customers were rude to me and what they needed was behind the counter, I would tell them we were out of the cheaper option so they’d have to get the more expensive one.”

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  • Confession #15

    “I hide people’s lunches, then I unhide them in plain site the following day so that they think it was right in front of them the entire time.”

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  • Confession #16

    “There was a major homophobe at my work, so I ordered a bunch of gay porn magazine subscriptions to be sent to him.”

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  • Confession #17

    “I released over 250 crickets into a co-worker’s classroom. I do not regret my actions.”

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  • Confession #18

    “I share a cubby with a co-worker and she takes up way more than her share of space. One day I grabbed several handfuls of nuts and dried cranberries (that she always brings but never eats) and put them in her shoes when she wasn’t looking.”

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  • Confession #19

    “We used to unlock Dairy Queen at 1:30 in the morning fire up the friers, and make ourselves chicken strips, fries, and onion rings.”

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  • Confession #20

    “My best friend/co-worker and I used to hide vodka in the freezer and make vodka milkshakes at work when we closed on Saturday nights. We also used to smoke weed in the freezer.”

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