• Confession #21

    “I once smashed garlic and M&M’s into pizza sauce when someone I didn’t like ordered a pizza from where I worked. We never got a complaint call, either…”

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  • Confession #22

    “I used to hate my manager so I would put pickle juice in his Mt. Dew and blame it on the new hires.”

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  • Confession #23

    “When a customer would ask me to check the back for something that wasn’t on the sales floor, I would walk to the back, wander around for a moment, then return and say I couldn’t find it.”

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  • Confession #24

    “After being publicly shamed by a co-worker for eating a Danish while pregnant (seriously), I spent the next month swapping all her low-fat foods in the fridge for the real thing.”

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  • Confession #25

    “My first job, when I was 15, was at a deli. I used to wrap random things in tin foil and send them through the oven to melt. One time I wrapped up a rubber glove and it caught on fire.”

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  • Confession #26

    “I run the water in the work bathroom so that everyone thinks I wash my hands, but I usually don’t.”

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  • Confession #27

    “My boss had cameras in every office pointed at all employees. When I knew I had a new job, I spent most of my entire last week flipping rubber bands at it.”

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  • Confession #28

    “I worked at a French bakery, and my manager told me that I could eat any pastry that got broken so I went through the case and “broke” whatever I wanted to try whenever I wanted to try it!”

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  • Confession #29

    “I had sex with a married female employee on the table where we cut our pizzas during business hours. It was the best sex I ever had.”

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  • Confession #30

    “I had these two co-workers who were always bickering and demeaning each other on the job. One day I had had enough and I glued the backs of their chairs together while they were on lunch break. They had to work together to fix the problem and became friends as they tried to hunt down the culprit. They never figured it out.”

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Yep. Just as good and crazy as I expected. Now my confession… I didn’t even share the worst ones on this round. Not even close. Let’s just say I feel like we need to get warmed up first.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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