Well… It’s official. I may be the best dad ever. I may also be the worst dad ever. After what I just did, I’m really not sure which. I mean…

Kids are supposed to do chores, right? Giving my kid chores makes me a good dad, right? Teaching my kid a great work ethic, and having him earn his keep, and all that stuff.

Kids are supposed to earn the money they’re given, right? Giving my kid opportunities to earn makes me a good dad, right? Teaching my kid that money doesn’t grow on trees, and the value of owning something you worked hard to get, and all that stuff.

So, why does this make me feel just *slightly* guilty:


Do you know what that is?

Here’s a hint. That was part one one of Noah’s latest money-earning chore.

And here’s another hint. This was part two of his latest money-earning chore.


I paid him two dollars for it.

Did you figure out what it is yet, by the shape of it, and whatever else you can make of that picture?

Yep. That’s right. It’s hair.

And not just any hair. It’s my back hair. He got $1 to shave it off me and vacuum it up. Then another $1 bonus if I looked in the mirror at the end and couldn’t find a single stray hair. You know, teach him “a job well done,” and all that stuff.

First of all, we shall not discuss how much hair was on my back. Friends, I am a hairy beast with a hairy back. Deal with it.

Second of all, stop thinking about how much hair was on my back! Or of how long I must have gone without trimming it! Or of how much lighter color it is than my beautiful and godly locks.

The question is… Am I the best or worst dad ever for giving a chore like that to my kid, even if I pay him to do it.

I mean, he loves the chore. He thinks it’s good money. He even enjoys it, you might say. But, still…


Back hair.


And I guess I won’t have an answer until he’s an adult and we can see how much it either messed him up or made him thrive.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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