Who says you have to actually go out into society to get in some excellent “people watching?” We can do it right here, and maybe even get a more accurate glimpse at humans than we would when those humans know other humans are around.

People fascinate me. We’re so damn weird, and I love it. And that’s why I am going to start creating fantastically strange and delightfully pointless polls; for my own amusement more than anything.

Take these seven strange polls. If everyone will be brutally honest (why not?! It’s 100% anonymous!), this could be some of the greatest pointless glimpses into humaning that ever existed. At the very least, it will be a great way to spend five minutes of your day.


Well, anonymous for everyone but me.

POLL #1: Do you perform amazing feats and risk life and limb to keep from having to take two trips when carrying things from the car?

I will throw my back out and let my fingers break to keep from having to go back to the car for a second trip. I wonder if you’re all the same, or if you’re a little more sane about it than I am.

Multiple Trips SDL_ICON 681
Assign the Kids! SDL_ICON 661
2785 votes so far.

POLL #2: When you’re in a busy parking lot, do you park in the back or drive forever looking for a close spot?

I’ve always thought it was so pointless to circle parking lots for ages to get a closer spot when I can park in the back and walk ten extra seconds to get into the store. My friends think I’m crazy. Am I?

Circle Forever SDL_ICON 598
To the Back! SDL_ICON 2013
Drop Me Off SDL_ICON 155
2766 votes so far.

POLL #3: Do you eat your own boogers?

As you know from “Weird Confessions” and my blog post about the grossness of humans, a lot of adults eat their own boogers. I have my own estimations of the percentage of the adult population who does this, but it’s time to find out for sure just how high (or low) that number is. As for me. I never have. Ever. Not even once. I can’t even remember doing it as a kid. I just wiped them on the wall by my bed.

Yep. I do. SDL_ICON 461
Never. Ever. SDL_ICON 1861
Occasionally. SDL_ICON 419
2741 votes so far.