I feel like you should know these four random facts about me if you’re going to keep following Single Dad Laughing. I mean, this stuff’s important. If I were following me, I’d want to know.

So, in the name of personal integrity… The following four things about me are all 100% true. Hahaha.


FACT #1: I practically have a full bar at home. And I practically never touch it.

I have tons of hard alcohol. Bottles and bottles of different stuff, and I can’t even remember the last time I touched any of it. Still, I buy it sometimes. I load up on it sometimes. And I have some damn good reasons for doing so.

First, I’m kind of a turd in that I love making the stricter of my Mormon friends and family squirm when they see it. It’s right there in plain view when they walk through the front door. They never say anything. It’s always more of a walk in, glance over, look away faster than politics can become annoying, swallow hard, and pretend that they aren’t suddenly one-hundred percent certain of my soul’s final destination.

Second, on the rare occasion I host a poker night, I like to offer as much free booze as my degenerate friends will allow. If I have to explain why, then you must not understand the effects alcohol has on the thinkin’ parts of the noggin.

Third, I just think all those bottles look awesome. It’s part of my décor. Is that weird? Probably.

And fourth. Hey. Every once in a great while, my friends and I do most certainly imbibe. And when we do, we do it right with complete debauchery, shenanigans, and hoozizzlage.

FACT #2: I absolutely loathe the F-Word and the C-word.

Now, I am not talking about the word fuck. Say that word all day every day to me, around me, at me. Just not in front of my kid and preferably always in light-hearted or jovial settings. I’ll say it back in three different ways before you even finish getting it out. Then we’ll laugh and find clever cavemanish ways to say it some more. Now, the c-word is not one I’m terribly fond of. You know which one I’m talking about. Rhymes with granth. That’s a little word humor for you word lovers like me. Anyway, that c-word is ear piercing in most situations, but it doesn’t sting my ears nearly as much as the other much worse c-word and the other nowhere near as fun f-word.

Celebrity. And famous. {ew} It made me nauseous just typing them. And you’d be amazed how many people call me both the f-word and the c-word. Constantly. I mean, you all know I’m not. Right? I know I’m not. Sure, a few people know who I am and know my work. Big deal. I actually stay out of the spotlight as much as I possibly can. I turn down the vast majority of interview requests that come my way. After I did the Katie Couric show, I was just like… {ew}. Why? And I haven’t accepted an invitation since. In fact, I just got invited onto a big book tour with some very well known authors, and I ended up turning it down. The biggest reason? They kept referring to me, and the others, as celebrities. What the hell is that, even? No thank you. I’ll stay here and enjoy my friends who really don’t give two shakes about what I do.

I know that may seem ironic, being that I make my living blogging about my life. But I do what I do for different reasons.

I strive to have my work remembered; not me. I strive to have the way I made people feel be remembered. I am fulfilled by knowing that someone’s life, somewhere, was somehow made better by me sharing little pieces of my own.

The concept of fame is such an illusion, my friends. Fame is not real. If anything it is a great mirage, and there are many good reasons not to go out looking for it. If there is anything I know by now, it’s that the more popular one gets, the more isolated from sincere relationships and the lonelier in crowded rooms he will often feel. And who wants that?

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