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Coming Out of Anesthesia: Crazy Tales from the Recovery Room

I'm 12-97% sure these things really happened as I was waking from anesthesia after surgery. Oh, and if stories involving erections offend you, don't read this...

Must-watch for parents! Thanks, IKEA, for making me cry.

I usually am cursing IKEA's name, but this IKEA video made me cry. Every parent out there needs to watch this as they start thinking of their kids & Christmas.

A Letter to a Dear Friend (and a Dear Friend to Many of Us)

Just a text that turned into a letter to a very good man whom we just had the chance to help out a bit...

Absurd Things are Done on Ambien Sometimes

This is the ridiculous story of what happened when I took an Ambien the night before Tough Mudder while sharing a rental house with several friends...

Cindy Lou’s Tips for Making Breakups FUN!

Cindy Lou is back with some incredible advice on breaking up. Breakups don't have to be hard, or sad, or terrible. They can be FUN! Just follow these tips...

This is the Curse of Being Hot

Most people don't know, though hot people often do, that there is a serious curse that comes with being hot...

Two Brand New Shoes On My Feet

I wrote this after one day years ago, wondering why the heck I was trying so hard to wear clothes that impressed other people...

When You Date a Single Parent and You Wanna Make ‘Em Swoon

So, you wanna know the way to the heart of a single parent? We don't ask for much. Just follow the advice in this short and funny poem.

A Letter to My 67 (Hopefully Thawed) Mudder Teammates…

As the moment approached when I would have to stand up and lead such a big team, life was delivering chaos. This is what you didn't know, and what I learned...

Ode to Facebook Friends

HUMOR: I wrote this one in an attempt to explore just how some of our Facebook friend lists got so out of control when Facebook first was a thing.

“I’m Broken,” Says She

This is one I wrote for a really close friend of mine who once told me, "I'm sorry. I'm broken."

Tiny Fist in the Wind

I wrote this for a close friend. It was about becoming trapped in a bad decision for life, and the strength and battle it takes to get out of it.

I bit my kid’s head off for no real reason today.

I wrote this poem back in 2012 after a tough day when I (for some reason) took my life's frustrations out on my kid...

When you see me, what do you see?

This is a poem I wrote in the earliest days of Single Dad Laughing, as I struggled with the immediate world around me viewing me as a lost soul...

Two Voices

I wrote this when I met someone new and amazing, while contemplating how things had gone from so good to so terrible in my marriage, so slowly yet so quickly.

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The Faith Letter

I debated sharing this letter I wrote after being told I "struggle" with faith. I mean... Do I struggle? Or is my definition of faith just a little different?

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