Poetry Rerun #3 of 10

I am going to rerun 10 poems that I wrote and shared in the past. This is one of them, from March 2012. During these reruns I’ll be joining the Single Dad Laughing Health Club team at the Philly Tough Mudder, and almost immediately following, undergoing another bum surgery. Yay for my bum. Anyway, after the last poem that so many of you enjoyed, I went on a trip down memory lane to see what other poetry I had written. I actually had forgotten most of it, so this is almost just as fun and new for me as it will be for most of you.

I bit my kid’s head off for no real reason today.

I bit my kid’s head off
For no real reason today.
Like a shark in the water,
I made him my prey.

I raised my brow and my voice
To make him feel small.
I had no compassion at all
When he started to bawl.

What he did to deserve it
I don’t quite recall
It seems moments before
We were both having a ball.

Sure. Things had been weighing
Like rocks on my mind.
I had thirty-six damn good reasons
Not to have to be kind.

With money a stress
And the rent coming due,
It only made sense that
I made it his problem, too.

The house needed cleaning
We were surrounded by mess.
The laundry stacked higher,
Always more, never less.

The dishes were toppling,
The floor needed sweeping.
Into our house and our lives
So much crap just kept creeping.

But dishes and laundry
Were the least of my worries.
Relationship drama of late had
Left my mind all a flurry.

I’d fought with my mom
About something quite stupid.
I’d argued with a friend
Over something quite lurid.

And if problems with those
That I love weren’t enough.
When I looked in the mirror
I didn’t look at all tough.

Quite the opposite, in fact.
I looked flappy and saggy.
My shirts wouldn’t button,
My pants no longer were baggy.

If trials are blessings, then
I’m so blessed I could flip.
You see now why it’s okay
That I don’t bite my lip.

Instead, I bit my kid’s head off
For no real reason today.
Like a shark in the water,
I made him my prey.

He finally stopped crying,
And with his eyes simply asked,
“Dad, why’d you say something
So damn mean like that?”

“Why did you hurt me?
I’ve done nothing to you.
Why would you wound me
When I’ve only loved you?”

And right there in that moment
I realized my choice.
I could unleash more of my life,
Or I could soften my voice.

So I closed my eyes
Before I could further berate.
And said nothing else
Till I once more could think straight.

“Go play now, I’m sorry.”
Was all I could say.
He looked at me defeated
And with haste ran away.

To where, I don’t know.
But it wasn’t near me.
It was somewhere alone
Where he could be free.

The house was still messy,
The chores still undone.
The laundry still unwashed,
The stress still a ton.

And the one person who loved me
With no strings attached,
Was the one person I punished
For my life out of whack.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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