Growing up, my mom loved the phrase, “if it was a snake it would have bit you!”

I love that phrase, too. And we all do it… We go, for example, to the fridge to find something specific. We look and look and look and look and we don’t see that whatever it is we’re looking for is somehow right in front of us in plain view.

Anyway, my younger brother now lives in England with his wife and three kids, and a few weeks ago his wife had this brilliant idea. Eric, why don’t you go surprise your family for Thanksgiving! 

And so he did. YAY!

I was the only one who was in on the surprise. He got here last week and I picked him up from the airport all hush hush.

But how to surprise the family… It is, after all, a super special and fairly rare treat when he gets to come spend time with us.

Eric and I thought of all sorts of creative ways. Then it hit us. Let’s post an entire album on Facebook where Eric is hidden in the background of every single picture and see if anyone in the family notices.

Under the guise of just “being out in the city having an awesome selfie-taking night with my kiddo,” I posted this entire epic album to my personal Facebook wall. Some we made extremely unobvious. Others we tried to make a little more blatantly obvious.

And guess what. Not one person in my family noticed Eric. His own mother didn’t notice him. His own father didn’t. Not his brothers. Not his sisters. No one. And only two of you noticed the “photo bomber” in every picture; that’s how well we pulled it off (with Noah’s epic help)! Haha.

Anyway. Here are the first 14 images. I’ve followed each one with a cropped-down close-up of where Eric was hiding in the picture.

And we ended the album with this one. I simply added the caption: “And then I was so sad because my NOAH Bear had to go back to mom’s.” Yep. Eric was in this one, too.

By the next morning, we still hadn’t been busted. We had even had this playful discussion with my mom on one of the pictures. Haha.

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We decided to take our Golden Grams to lunch and let her be first in on the surprise. She’s always been a playful delight of a human, and she got in on the next one… A photo that was supposed to be so obvious that they all would see it.

Kudos for them. My sisters almost put two and two together…

But let’s be honest.

That’s equivalent to standing at the fridge looking for butter, seeing the butter, and saying “that looks like cheese.”

If Eric were a snake, he would have bit them all, for sure.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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