I’m sure exactly six (and no more) of you have wondered where that feller Dan disappeared to lately. Why hardly any new blog posts?

Well, I’m in hiding, I guess.

As you may or may not have read if you clicked the link to be notified of my new book hitting internet shelves very soon here, I am self-publishing this book. And that is a lot more work than I thought it’d be with the paperbacks, and the hard covers, and the eight thousand digital platforms people use to read eBooks nowadays, all which seem to need their very own special formats and files.

The book is done. I am really hoping to finish getting it on all these platforms and release it to all of you very soon here so that I can come out of hiding! I have had to completely hunker down and dedicate nearly all the time and attention I have to this and a few other projects going on.

This memoir is 2 ½ years in the making. You’re going to love it. I honestly believe it’s the most significant work I’ve ever written for myself; hopefully you agree. I gave it to three friends and my brother to read through and give me their thoughts. My friends all promised to get back to me with their thoughts within a week. All three of them finished the book that very same day. I was like, dang. That’s a good sign, right? My brother… Well… he hasn’t even cracked open the first page. And I’m like, dang. You turd. It’s only my heart and soul in there. Whatever. Haha.

For real though. For those many of you who keep making comments lately about how you miss some of the real feeler/thinker posts I used to write so often… Good things are coming with this book. Really good things. I have never stopped writing them. They’ve just all, for the most part, been written to be included in this book. Stay tuned.

And be prepared to laugh. A lot.

Thanks, you guys, for not forgetting me by the way… Between being a single dad, surgeries, leading the SDLHC Tough Mudders, going through breakups I’ve told you nothing about, and a fun new battle with severe sensory overload which I’ll tell you about sometime, freed-up time to blog constantly has been a bit difficult to come by.

Life. It’s so good. SO good, friends. The holidays are approaching. Pretty snow is just around the corner. The world is full of life, and love, and goodness, and amazement. It’s also full of weird shit. Be careful out there. Haha. Have a good weekend, all.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. Are you on the list to get notified about my new book? Please get on it!

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