To the six of you who will read this…

You certainly are fine, sexy folk. Gold stickers for all of us for not forgetting each other.

We are neck-deep in (by far) the deadest two weeks for blogging every year, so I haven’t had a whole lot of motivation to keep my blog cranked with new content. Anyway, after New Years I’ll be blogging a lot more because… well… I miss your guts (and people will actually read it).

Anyway, I interrupt this nice long holiday break, and end 2015, with completely useless musings about sleeping and nudity.

On Christmas I was talking to my sister and my brother’s girlfriend about sleeping neckid’.

“I do not like sleeping in the buff,” I said so matter-of-factly, like my way was definitely the right way. I went on to blab their brains out about how (in order to be comfortable) I must have on a pair of sweatpants and to be shirtless. Any other way and I’m just too dang hot or too cold. A pair of stretchy comfy pants makes everything just right.

Oh, and no socks. EVER. I just sleep too hot with socks on, and any time I fall asleep with them on, the middle of the night is interrupted with groggy cursing and violent sock-peeling.

But then they both said something that rocked my perfect world and made zero sense at all. They both said they like to sleep buck naked except for socks.

I looked at them both like they should be next in line for lobotomies.



How does anyone sleep with socks on?! And how do they… like it?!

I stomped my feet, blurted “we could pave stupidity highway with your thinking,” and then stormed off in a major huff and tried to forget about it.

Okay, that last part wasn’t true. It was Christmas for Pete’s sake. Any other day it might have been true. After all, it was socks. And sleeping. And the two just don’t mix.

Their words ate away at me, and when I went home that night, I decided to give this neckid with nothin’ but socks thing a go.

I stripped to the buff.

I pulled on a warm pair of socks.

I climbed in bed.

I pulled the covers up over me.

And friends… it was heaven.

Bliss. Paradise. Ecstasy. Delight. Sheer contentment.

One time was all it took.

I’m never taking my socks off while in a bed again.


Under any circumstances.

And I mean any circumstances.

I don’t care how naked I am supposed to be.

That’s all. Happy 2015. Bring on the New Year.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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