I saw it on Amazon. And I needed it.


So badly.

Normal price: $79.99.

And look! Four and a half stars from a whopping 239 people! That’s legit!

Wow. 78% already bought. 78% already… gone?!

On sale, Black Friday only, right then, right there, for $19.99.

I didn’t know I needed it until I saw it. I didn’t even really know such a thing existed before I bought it. But the moment I saw it, I knew it would quite possibly be the most important purchase of my life.

After all, it was usually eighty bucks!

And right now only twenty? Including shipping?! I would be stupid not to buy it, right? It would even be irresponsible.

I refreshed the app. What?! 84% now purchased! That’s not good! Crudola! I gotta jump on this! NOW!

Button clicked. Confirmation page loaded. Intense and deep satisfaction settled-in.

I bragged to my closest friends of my amazing deal. “Why would you need that?!” they replied.

First of all… rude.

“THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS I CAN DO WITH THIS!” I chimed back rather defensively. There would be no buyer’s remorse for this one. Not when I got the deal I got.

But then I went to bed. And tried really hard to think of a single thing I would do with my new purchase. I fell asleep trying. And I woke up.

And sleep had done something to let me know one inevitable truth… I really didn’t need that. In fact, I couldn’t think of one thing I would use it for.

But. But. But. $19.99!

And I’m now the proud owner of…



A brand-spanking new monocular, baby!

The package had been sitting on my couch unopened for a week because I haven’t needed it… yet.

Don’t worry. I will eventually find a use for it. I may be drawing blanks right now. It may gather dust for weeks, months, years, or even decades. But I will find a use for it.

Oh, wait. This was a use for it! A blog post! My impulse purchase wasn’t for nothing after all.

Darn you to heck, black Friday! You got me again.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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