It’s an acronym that could have so many meanings this time of year:

Scrooges and Angels (a winter-riders motorcycle club I kind of wanna start, where we never go out riding, but we do sit inside downing beers and playing poker).

Snow Angel Divers (for the reckless who dive into that beautiful white powder from above, not wondering first if there are frozen dog turds beneath).

Sparking Another-gall-dern Debate (for those who won’t give the rest of us a friggin’ break from their political Facebook diatribes, even for one friggin’ itty-bitty, teeny-tiny, tinseled, festive, and lit-up month).

Splurgin’ Amazon Deals (for those who blew their Christmas wad and never circled endlessly around a single parking lot or even put on a pair of pants while they did).

Snow Aggravated Drivers (dedicated to the idiot who thought shooting a gap in front of me during yesterday’s insane winter storm was a good idea, causing six other cars to swerve and almost lose control).

Santa’s Actually Dead (for those self-righteous internetters who love to endlessly rant about the giant lie Santa is, and how horrible and destructive a thing it is to tell our kids he exists).

Someone Ate Dasher (a group for or against the hunting of magical reindeer, I’m not sure which).

Oh. And, my least favorite (the real one)…

Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Oh, shoot. Did I just take a downer-turn? My bad. Let me fix that by inserting something else funny so that you don’t let my seasonal blues get to you. This should do it:


Oh, wait. I’m doing it again. I’m doing that thing people with SAD do. I’m covering up the downs so that nobody else who is out being perfect, and enjoying the living heaven out of the holidays, and skipping through the snow holding hands and whistling, and clinking together mugs full of eggnog, and going to bed the happiest most joyful people alive (please note my obvious sarcasm and eye-rolls) will know that… something goes wrong with my brain every year, this time of year.

Haha. <<{Insincere and feeling-awkward-about-this laugh}

I’m actually staying on top of my SAD pretty good this winter (so far), minus the one mini freak-out on my best friend for no real reason. Yep. On Friday morning, literally everyone’s canceled plans on me for the two weeks prior had culminated to pistol-whip me all at once, and SAD made me forget that… Dude. it’s December. And people are super busy. And everyone is trying to squeeze everything and everyone in. And canceled plans are okay… Yeah. I forgot all of that for 73 (and a half) minutes and decided that not a soul in the entire world cared about me, or loved me, or remembered me, or wanted to spend any time with me at all.

That’s SAD. That’s Seasonal Affective Disorder. It’s a nasty little hormonal/chemical/mental imbalance that makes your brain be a big fat jerk to you as soon as the sun starts having little warmth left to it.

Yes, SAD is a strange and horribly ugly depression that SO many people get this time of year caused by a number of factors, yet most of us will never know who it affects (and just how badly) because people with SAD disappear into the shadows. They disappear into the cracks of the hustle and bustle, and they remain quiet, so often unseen. They do it because they don’t want to bring others down during such a joyous time, and they also don’t know why they’re suddenly (and out of nowhere) feeling like flattened turds under the crushed snow of all the other happy people doing snow angels above them.

SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)
My ridiculous attempt at a good “slipping through the cracks” selfie to represent SAD. Yes. I’m definitely trying *way* too hard here. Go me.

Everyone really should learn more about SAD << {Click that link, it’ll take you to the SAD page on the Mayo Clinic’s website} so that you can look for and find those friends or loved ones who seem to always be around and active in your life until winter sets in, then just more or less disappear. Yes, some of them really are crazy-busy, stretched super-thin, and out having constant fun. Others of them, and far more than you would guess, are off by themselves having SAD.

Not being sad.

Having SAD.

It’s a very real disorder.

And today I just want to shoot out that friendly reminder to reach out and look for those who are slipping under Santa’s radar this year. That’s all. You can now go back to your festive biker gangs and clinking of holiday mugs… Right after you share this, though. No, I don’t ask that for ad-money. I want as many people as possible to be far more aware of SAD, and most importantly to start keeping their eyes peeled for those whom they can reach into the gloom and pull out, even if for a single happy “I remember you this winter” moment.

I promise it means the world to us.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. As long as I have you… Did you get your copy of my new memoir yet? People really love it so far. Well, most people. Some thought it was way too brazen. It definitely was. Which is why most everyone else loved it. Haha. <<{sincere and find-the-irony-to-be-funny laugh}

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