There I was, perusing Tinder, mindlessly swiping like I do most every time I find myself mindlessly needing something to fill a few minutes.

Whoa. Easy there. I know Tinder is all about the hookups and one-night stands where you’re from, but here in Utah it’s actually a great app for meeting people to date. Geez, Judgy McGee.

Oh, wait. I don’t even use it for that very often. I just kind of mindlessly swipe when I’m bored and hardly ever talk to anyone. And for the umpteenth time I hereby vow to stop doing that and to actually… talk to people on there.

Yeah right.



I was mindlessly swiping when I saw this.

And it kind of creeped me out a little.


No picture. No profile. No real information to go with it.

Just the one interest. {GULP}

Don’t worry. I don’t like getting murdered so I swiped hard left. I mean, if you’re going to murder me, at least let me see your picture first.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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