Half ewe herd of the have-which who lives upon the hill? She has bean spotted bye too oar three peephole this weak a loan.

Eye want two give ewe sum advise be cause she can bee quiet the grisly bare.

Half know allusion of safe tee. She well beet ewe blew and in the end yule bee her bred.

If ewe wok bye her rode, bring sum things that hour general e-band. They well bee the bases four you’re on going survive awl (ewe no, if ewe due meat the which):

Won: a pear of sneak hers. There import ant if ewe knead too bale.

Too: a hole role of toy let pay per. Aisle tell ewe its import ant if ewe knead two altar what your waring sense yule git so fry tend.

Three: a suite and shear blank ate two rap a round you’re waste.  Yule under stand the Reese son in thyme.

Win ewe sea the which, donut run or yule dew sew in vein. The which is knot idol. She is weigh two quick and well fined ewe. Know, deer. Too knot dye, waive hell oh and defuse it all bye purposely ask king (without a wine) we’re is the teem of soles she has Ben wonder ring a bout. It wont make cents, butt shell like lee stair at ewe four sum thyme be four she dis appears four a wile.

Win she does dis appear, pickup you’re pear of sneak hers sew ewe can now bale. Take you’re hole role of toy let pay per and you zit if ewe kneed it. Now, throe you’re suite and shear blank ate a round you’re waste wile ewe fig you’re out win two leaf sew ewe our knot scene.

Eye no this awl well seam like sum thing ewe can’t bear, butt it’s grate. It well work. And in the end yule say, “Dan, your certainly write about that won.”

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. If ewe fee like may king you’re fiends think hers hurt, Cher this!

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