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Sex on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Alternating Sundays

It's been too long since I brought you along with me as I dive into some of the more *interesting* messages I receive through SDL. Enjoy. And be scared with me.

Dear Father Time, That’s Not What You Do?!

I've been overwhelmed with everything I've had to do each day, so I decided to write a letter (in poetry form) to Father Time to ask for some help. This definitely didn't take me where I planned. Haha. Enjoy...

My Crazy Brother & One Awesome Dad

My brother posted this on his Facebook today and I just had to share. He's such a fun, good dad! I've gotta do something epic like this with my kiddo.

Singletowne: Finding a Soulmate on the Internet

Singletowne is my comic strip about dating, being single, and all the fun that goes with it. Today, a single is grilled about dating and relationships...

Honest Trailers: The Oscars

What good are the Oscars if you can't laugh at them? This was hilarious.

The Happy, Sad, & Terrifying Halfway Point

Dan & Noah Pearce
I didn't really see this moment, and all the emotions attached to it, coming. It's that moment where I *think* I did it right as a parent, but what if i didn't?

New and Awesome Uses for Paper Towels *I’ve* Never Seen

Okay. Some of these uses for paper towels (or paper towel tubes) are amazing and I never would have thought of them on my own...

Magician Dan White’s Hidden Spike Trick with Jimmy Fallon

Illusionist Dan White hides a nail in one of 5 paper bags and has Fallon and the audience take turns randomly choosing which he should smash with his hand.

Your Tinder account is boring. Here are 9 ways to fix that.

I just got back on Tinder and I must say... Most Tinder profiles are *boring*. So today I've taken 9 really common Tinder statements and "spruced" 'em up a bit...

Singletowne: Finding a Soulmate on the Internet

Singletowne is my comic strip about dating, being single, and all the fun that goes with it. Today, a single tries to find her soulmate on the Internet.

Nightmare on Selfie Street

While drinking wine and chillin' in Sweatpants, a friend and I decided to make an extremely short little "horror selfie" video of our own. Try not to cry...

Reduced to Nothing But a Common Joker: Time to Humble My Kid

The unthinkable has happened between my son and me, and I was reduced to practically nothing in the process. Time for Dad to be Dad and teach him some things...

9 Definite Signs You Might Be a Facebook Troll (Doll)

Turns out Facebook has all sorts of "Internet Troll Dolls" who don't realize it until it's too late. Are you one of them? This is how you spot the signs...

The Facebook Troll (Doll) Recovery Checklist

If you read my Facebook Troll (Doll) post and realized you are indeed one, fear not. This quick checklist will guide you through your next Facebook replies...

The Picture They Didn’t Think I’d Have the Guts to Share

When a friend finds something special on my phone and thinks I don't have the guts to share it with the public... well... You know I'm gonna.

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When You Date a Single Parent and You Wanna Make ‘Em...

So, you wanna know the way to the heart of a single parent? We don't ask for much. Just follow the advice is this short and funny poem.

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“Get in this! Get in this!” The Dive-Bar Selfie Experiment

I decided to do a little experiment: attempt to get a selfie with EVERY person at our favorite dive-bar. I didn't expect what happened next to happen at all...

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