I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with everything I’ve had to get through each day, so I decided for today’s blog post to write a letter (in poetry form) to Father Time to ask for some help. This poem definitely didn’t take me where I planned. Haha. Enjoy…

Dear Father Time,

I wonder if it would be too much to ask
To help me get caught up on all of life’s tasks.

I’m not asking for much, just a pinch of more time
To take back my days, and make my life mine.

My problem is simple mathematics, it’s true.
So let’s solve for x. Isn’t that what you do?

You’ve given me 24 glorious hours each day
To fit 28 hours worth of sleep, work, and play.

‘Tween the laundry and dishes and so many chores
Like dusting, and bathrooms, and cleaning my floors

And eating, it takes so much time every day
Sleeping takes the most, and that’s A-OK.

And so many long hours I spend chugging along
Trying to make myself money before things can go wrong.

And so many people whom I love to their core
Need something from me, and often something more.

The emails keeps bonging. The phone it keeps ringing.
The notifications keep growing. The texts they keep dinging.

And just when I think I’m almost caught up in life
Something goes wrong or I bump into new strife.

You’ve given me 24 glorious hours each day
To now fit 30 hours worth of sleep, work, and no play.

I’ve been trying to fit it all in there somehow,
But I’m struggling to figure it all out right now.

So Dear Father Time…

I wonder if it would be too much to ask
To help me catch up on all of life’s tasks.

An extra hour each day would help me get it all in.
An extra week in each month would toss stress in the bin.

And maybe just every one year in ten
Give me an extra year to somehow find zen.

Let’s solve for x, isn’t that something you do?
x = how many hours I’ll need to get through.

I’m not asking you to fill up my life any less,
Or to take away challenges, problems, or stress.

I’m not asking to walk through life without struggle
Or to have a single less thing in my life I must juggle.

I’m not asking to be needed by others less.
I’m not asking for you to clean up one bit of my mess.

I just need some more time to get it all done
And to somehow find time to go have some fun.

And to sleep one full night, until I can sleep no more
And to have energy and oomph so I’m less of a bore.

And to get out and breathe in this world’s fresh air
And to, for one moment each day, not have one care.

And to have even more time to give freely to others
And to be a good father and good friend and brother.

You’re the Father of Time, you have all the power
To tack on here or there, just one extra hour.

I’m up to 32 hours to fit into each 24
I’m just asking you to give me a little bit more.

Wait. What? That isn’t something you do?
You don’t give more time to help people through?

Oh. Why didn’t you say that right at the first?
I bet right about now, I seem like the worst.

You’re Father Time; you don’t give time away.
You take it, and end it, then go on your way.

And each tiny second that I lament ticking down
Is a second when somebody else is no longer around.

24 hours each day, my heart is still pumping.
My brain is still active. My soul is still thumping.

24 hours each day, I’m still breathing Earth’s air
And to those who are not, it’s almost not fair.

I’ve got 32 hours to cram into each day
But how much of that can I toss away?

How much of this crap that I feel weigh me down
Will be so unimportant six feet underground?

Do I really have to get it all done by today?
I guess that I don’t, and that’s not easy to say.

But time isn’t giving me any special favors
The seconds of my life are mine I must savor.

So instead of complaining of how much I can’t do
Or how the hours and days do always accrue…

I’ll make the most of the hours that you’ve given me.
I’ll make time for more fun and be all I can be.

And I’ll let some things slide until <gulp> tomorrow.
And I’ll let go of a few of my struggles and sorrows.

And I’ll be a great father, and brother, and friend.
And I’ll be thankful for time, all the way to the end.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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