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Pulled from the Truth Box – Week 38

Pulled from the Truth Box
Remember. We're all fighting our own great battles. These are the secrets you've never told anyone. And what everyone else believes is the truth. All new.

Mom Freaks Out Big Time When She Learns She’ll Be a Grandma

This mom hears the big news. She's gonna be a grandma. And she completely loses it. Too funny!

Please Tell Me You Didn’t Just… Yermo.

On a recent road trip with my son, a new term was invented, and I told him I would do my best to make it a widely used term...

What Your Handwriting Says About You

This was really interesting and definitely true for me. I'm curious if it's true for each of you, too!

10 Unusual People With The Strangest Talents

I think the title says it all... This video is amazingly freaky. I love it.

Relationships – Stay or Leave?

This is a fantastic look at whether we should stay or leave relationships when we're struggling with the decision, pressure, and internal struggle...

I Aren’t the Brightest Crayon in the Box

Well, this is embarrassing! Last night my family threw me a big surprise celebration and even to the end of it, I had NO IDEA that it was a celebration for me...

This Never Was Supposed to Happen

Well, I can honestly say this was never supposed to happen. Not to people like me. It's so unreal to me still...

International “You’re My Favorite” Day

Eight years ago a bright light was taken from this world, and an international holiday was born to continue doing what she did best... Making people feel loved.

A Long Overdue Break

Friends, LIFE IS GOOD. I am also tapped out, wiped out, and strung out. The new app, the book, the new website, and all the rest of life. So, I'm signing off for a bit...

For My Friends Who Have Seen ENOUGH April Fools Jokes Today

SO many April Fools Day jokes, and photos, and posts going around on Facebook today. I'm going to officially move on by them and share something truly awesome...

Popular right now:

The Old Woman at Walmart – A Follow Up

The responses to the Old Woman at Walmart post were everywhere. Love and hate and everything in between abounded. I am tired. This is my response...

Tiny Fist in the Wind

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A Knock Like That is *Never* Something Good

I’m still shaking off the willies and my heart is still pounding...

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