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The Ultimate Shampoo Prank Compilation

I can honestly say I have not laughed this hard in a very long time. The prank on the guy at the end had me in stitches.

The Nut-Up-the Nose Traumatization Retold by Noah!

Six years ago I blogged about Noah getting a pistachio stuck up his nose. And just this week I found this... The traumatic story (from his perspective).

From Epic to Disastrous in Four Minutes Flat

So, this recently happened. This is the story of the time I took my son exploring with my family and an incredibly epic situation turned bad in a hurry...

Russell Crowe Talks About Michael Jackson’s Constant Prank Calls

Apparently Michael Jackson did it to everyone... Including those famous people he had never even met.

An Overly Weird Motivation to Keep Going

That's my pal, Emily. She and I started Insanity on Monday together, and we came up with a *really* weird motivation to make sure we never miss a single day...

The Weirdest Car Accident I’ve Ever Witnessed

The other night, I witnessed the weirdest car accident I’ve ever seen. I’m still completely baffled by it, and I have some weird theories about what happened.

A Glimpse at the Extreme Weather in Our Universe

For my fellow science video lovers. Or for those who are sad that it's raining outside. This was really fascinating.

Good News! You Can Be Terrible if You Call It “Self-Care”

Since we're on the topic of "taking care of ourselves" at the moment, I couldn't help but share this. Ridiculously Funny.

Baby Rhinos Start Crying and Whining When Their Milk Runs Out

This was admittedly far more entertaining than I expected it to be. Little whining rhino babies. LOL.

An Epic Video for Those Who Sweat More than the Average Person

I sweat *so* easily. Unless it's 60 degrees in my house, I'm sweating. And finally an awesome video was made for people like me. LOL.

10 Clever Kitchen HACKS You Can Try Right Now

Some very good kitchen hacks in this one! The garlic and grape hacks I will definitely be using. And did I detect an "ecspecially" in there?

Owning the Truth of What My Life Now Is

Serious post, today. I am owning up to some rather difficult truths because if I don't, I'll never be able to move past them...

I Feel Like I Need to Explain Myself…

Last weekend I got an email, demanding answers to some things I'd rather not discuss with everyone, but after careful consideration, I think I do need to explain...

Eating Corn on a Drill in Slow Motion

I really probably shouldn't think this is as funny as I do... Then again, I've never heard of people eating corn on the cob via electric drill.

Ellen Pokes a Little Fun at Beyoncé’s Lemonade Video

After HBO pulled Beyoncé's lemonade video, Ellen decided to poke a little fun at it. Just one more reason to love Ellen.

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