I am proud of my Dad right now. SO proud! And I’m just as excited to share this with you.

I don’t know how long it’s been. Something like two decades. I watched them go broke so many times, and never once did my dad Tony and his brother Terry lose the vision of this bed technology they invented called Purple. It is, quite sincerely, the most amazing sleep surface ever made. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen.

The Purple MattressI’ve personally witnessed so many of the biggest name brand mattress companies come knocking on their door over the past decades. They’ve come wanting this technology, looking for it, asking for it, but they never seemed willing to be fair. Why? The answer (from what I always saw, and this is my own opinion) is simple really…

It is an extremely complicated bedding technology to produce at a cost that would make it affordable to nearly everyone. I would know. I used to work hand in hand with Dad. We had retail stores. We really tried. We sold beds like this at a price tag of around 4-5 thousand bucks while we always worked to try and somehow lower the price. Oh, we sold lots of them, but then the economy went bust in ’08 and high priced beds simply weren’t on people’s splurge list anymore.

Long story short… After the stores went under, my dad and his brother kept going. And kept going. They built machines that failed. They tried ways of making it that didn’t work. They were determined to get there all the same, and just recently they finally did. They invented the process that would let them make these beds at a fraction of the cost, at a higher quality, and deliverable… anywhere in the U.S. No more stores. Just an awesome method of UPS shipping.

Anyway, they finally developed the process; and without all the funds in the world once they did, they did a Kickstarter which I was so thankful to be a big part of. So many of you got in on the early deals, and with that, well… They were able to also make this... One of the funniest and best bed commercials I have ever seen. It went viral. Last I checked it already had more than 4 million hits!

And… Before you click that or read another word, here are two honest truths.

I will receive a little tiny slice of the pie for anything you buy through the links on this page. So please use them. If you share this with someone, please share this page. Stuff like this is how I put a roof over our head.

HONEST TRUTH #2: I believe in this more than anything I’ve ever shared with you before. I use this product. I know the entire history of this product. I trust this product. I trust the materials in this product. I trust this company. I sincerely, sincerely sincerely sincerely, think your life will be better if you get it. It is something everyone in the world should be sleeping on. I really believe that.

Whew. Glad we got that out of the way. Now… With that being said, here are some fancy looking buttons I made!

There is so much more I could tell you about Purple, but their new website is pretty awesome. It covers just about everything. Here are the finer points that I think you’ll be most interested in:

  • It is, by far, the most incredible bed technology that has ever been invented.

  • There is a no-questions-asked, 100% refund policy if you don't love it.

  • Shipping is free.

  • Pick-up if you want to return it is free.

  • It is way softer than a pillow-top.

  • It's just as aligning as an extremely firm bed.

  • It's just as supportive as... Nope. Scratch that. It's more supportive than anything else. Ever.

  • Oh, and yes. It does have a nice mattress cover on it. You won't be sleeping on the bare Purple gel.

Admit it. You’re at least a little bit interested in why and how this technology works the way it does! Hey, I don’t blame you. Check out the video they made for their Kickstarter!

I’ve officially loaded your brains with way too much information about this bed that I love, love, LOVE so much. But that won’t convince you. Goldilocks won’t convince you. Weirdo Purple Guy won’t convince you. All the positive reviews in the world won’t convince you. You’ve just gotta try it for yourselves!

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS: Here’s the link one more time. To save you the hassle of scrolling up and all.

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