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Home Alone Co-Star Resurfaces after 26 Years to a Familiar Foe

Daniel Stern posted this video which made me laugh. Of course, some of you may not find it so funny. Hahaha.

Apparently I Can’t Be *Properly* Proud of Myself Yet

Dan Pearce
After REALLY rocking it for more than two months to get myself healthy and into awesome shape, it was pointed out why I can't yet be "properly" proud of myself...

The 12 Weirdest & Coolest Things I’ve Seen on Amazon

The Coolest and Weirdest Products on Amazon
I've kept a list of the weirdest and coolest things I've found on Amazon. These are my top 12. And I plead the fifth as to whether I've bought some of these.

Interpret *This* Weird Dream, Please

This was a *really* weird dream I had last night, and I'm so curious what your interpretation is of it.

My Official Before & After Photos – #FindMyself60

As promised, here are the official before & after photos from my 60 Day Challenge, completing Insanity, eating awesomely, and finding myself once more...

#FindMyself60 Challenge – DAY 60!

At the end of my 60 day challenge, I've done so much to find myself once more, and many potholes were also uncovered in the process. This is a recap of it all.

Shootings, and Bombings, and Bigotry, Oh My

Black people murdered. Cops senselessly killed. Gays gunned down. There's a hashtag for that. There's always a hash tag for that. And we need to wake-up and realize what we're doing...

So… Apparently Alligators can now climb fences.

If you have a fence to keep the gators out, you may wanna rethink things! Yikes!

#FindMyself60 Challenge – Day 50

I'm 50 days into my 60 day "Find Myself" challenge. Today I woke up and had an awesome victory. Now to finish off this challenge strong...

Taking My Seat at The World Series of Poker

CONTINUED FROM YESTERDAY: This is the whole story of sitting down with the world's best poker players and seeing what I could do...

#FindMyself60 Challenge – Day 48: A Dream Realized

As part of my personal 60-day challenge of finding myself, I decided to do something for me, take a risk, and compete against some of the world's best poker players...

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While on a date, the woman I was with asked the question, “what does John Lennon’s song ‘Imagine’ mean to you?” After thinking on it, I guess it means a lot of things.

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It Just Doesn’t Clique

How. How do I finally get into that dang clique? Oh, wait... Is it possible that what we all think are cliques are something else altogether?

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