As promised, here are the official before & after photos from my 60 Day Challenge, completing Insanity, eating awesomely, and finding myself once more…

All of Insanity started with the Fit Test. It’s an awfully vicious little test where you do 8 different exercises at full sprint speed for an entire minute. The first Fit Test wiped me OUT. This was my post-workout-selfie (or #PWS as we call them in the Single Dad Laughing Health Club) that day. Yes. On the floor; legitimately gasping for air.


We had to take that Fit Test every couple weeks during the 9 week program, and the entire thing ended with the same fit test. You know… so that you, the masochistic participant, can see how badass you’ve become.

My last Fit Test went down much better than my first. This was my #PWS for that one.


And my results from the first day compared to the final day…

Insanity Fit Test

I have no idea how much weight I lost. If I had to guess, somewhere around 18 LBS. I decided not to weigh myself because there have just been too many awesome changes in my life and health to give a flying leap what some stupid bathroom scale says.

Anyway, the before & after pics.

I decided to do them in the same shirt. This was a shirt that had become a real depressing reminder to me of how porkalicious I had become, so I wanted to see myself in that shirt on both sides of the Insanity line.


Amazing what 60 days and a little dedication can do. Now I just have to figure out what to do for the next 60 days to keep this train chugging in the right direction.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. I have no affiliation with Insanity or Beach Body. I am not trying to sell you on this program, in fact my official opinion is that you should find a different program that isn’t so flippin’ hard on your body. My knees and ankles especially are not the happiest campers about this torture I’ve put them through.

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