An Ode to Summer (Finally) Ending

As I lay here hiding in my bedroom, rocking to and fro, trying not to go absolutely nuts, I ended up writing this poem about summer and what it’s like to be a parent! Enjoy.


An Ode to Summer (Finally) Ending

The world got warm, then inched closer to hot
The closer summer was the more excited we got

So many more fun-filled packed days with my child
We’d go places and do things and live rather wild

Vacations, and road trips, and sight seeing galore
Sun lines, sun tans, and sun burns; we’d be sore

Fishing, and skating, and picnics, and hiking
Theme and amusement parks, movies, and biking

Evening walks in the park and night rides in the hills
Life without homework, we’d lay out, we’d just chill

We talked and we planned until summer did come
Then we did all of it and more, we had so much fun

The world got friggin’ hot, then way hotter still
We laughed, and we wrestled, and downed food off the grill

We played and we played ’til our energy was gone
We had late nights and pizza nights, yes we had all the fun

And routine slipped from my grasp as the world grew hotter
And my brain became fried, my energy eventually slaughtered

By the end I was stretched so damned very thin
I wondered if summer would ever fucking end

And the minutes I so recently counted down to this season
I now counted down for a much different reason

“I’m all funned out now,” I just want to scream out
“I want routine back,” I just wanted to shout

Yet I smile and I laugh and I have more fun with my son
As the final days approach before summer’s finally done

Because summer is that one special time of the year
To which my son will look back and so fondly cheer

And remember the fun, and the life lessons too
The long talks and long walks and the trips to the zoo

I never will tell him just how stressful it gets
To somehow add it all in and make the rest of life fit

And we’ll start counting down for next summer to come
And we’ll make make next year be just as equally fun

But damned if I don’t confess to you all…
That it’s time to say, “goodbye summer! Hey, fall!”

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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