My (Quite) Purposeful Nice Long Breather

Dan Pearce Single Dad Laughing

I’ve purposefully taken a nice long breather from blogging ever since my last entry when every wild animal lover in the free world decided to inform me of the fact that I was the devil’s spawn for getting close to a black bear for a photograph. There were some valid points made, absolutely, but gosh dang if a squishy handful of you weren’t complete poo pants about it. Did I say it was okay to call me an idiot? Yes. Was I okay with it? Absolutely. But it was silly and tongue-in-cheek. It wasn’t an invitation to blast me to my core.

So goes the anonymity of the Internet. People can rip to shreds your entire character and silently nod to themselves in gratifying approval as they grin and mumble, “Blogger destroyed. I’ve done my part to be a good human today.”

Social Avengers, if you will.

I’m sure they feel they’re among the elite perfect few humans who exist on this planet.

After six-plus years of blogging, well over 2,000 blog posts, two books, and a whoooooooole lot of social interaction with you, I kind of hit a limit after that blog post. I hit a wall. And I took a break. No matter how thick-skinned or calloused one is, it will build-up over time.

It built up. I needed that break. A break from the trolls. A break from the perfectionists. A break from  all the self-back-patting Social Avengers.

Oooooh, lawdy my break has been nice.

I haven’t had to listen to anyone tell me that my thoughts make me a terrible person. I haven’t had to endure the eye-rolling agony of a wall full of people telling me just how wrong and awful my opinions are. I haven’t had to read any emails saying, “I’ve loved you for more than half a decade, but you wrote one thing I didn’t like so I will now be unfollowing you and telling everyone in the world what a total f***-stick you are.” I haven’t had to comb through any commenters letting me know just how much I’m personally doing to destroy what’s right and good in this world by finding certain things funny or trivial.

Oooooh, lawdy it’s been nice.

So nice.


The longer I’ve gone, the more I miss the rest of you. I miss the vast, vast majority of you who are awesome, and nifty, and positive, and pleasant, and encouraging, and so not trollish.

I miss our real and productive conversations centered around important topics and interesting ideas. I miss our sarcastic nudgings and the mental noogies we give one another. I miss the goodness that so many of you are. I miss it. For sure. We’ve been having lots of fun over on the Facebook page during the interim, but I miss this side of it.

I suppose I’m ready to come out of blogger hiding now. Here and there. Bit by bit. Starting this week. I’m ready to poke my vulnerable big fat head out and share more of whatever randomness is inside me. Thanks for giving me a break and cutting me some slack for a solid few weeks here.

Life is good, friends. Life is good.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

Oh, and PS. I’ll show you those bear pictures like I promised real soon here.

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