I haven’t been able to pinpoint one real reason why I’ve had a hard time blogging for some time. In general, I’ve narrowed it down to a few things.

  1. My son is 9 now. Noah’s life is so much more his own. Our adventures are something I cherish as ours and I don’t care much to share the nitty gritty ins and outs of it with the entire world like I once did. I hold our moments sacred.
  2. I’ve written almost every truly poignant or powerful thing I’ve had hidden deep down in me to write. The pieces that made Single Dad Laughing what it became… They all surfaced from an ultimate place of pain. They came from a place that needed healing. And I’ve now dealt with them all. I often get messages asking me to write more things like that, but those kinds of things don’t happen in an emotional vacuum.
  3. Memoir and life blogging just isn’t fulfilling for me anymore. I’ve done it. Six years of it. I’ve been at the top of the game and had an amazing ride, but I don’t feel motivated to keep going with it. My Facebook page is rocking (we have tons of fun over there), and a couple other side businesses are doing well.

I know I recently told you I was ready to get back to this, but I’m not. For now, I think I’m just done. Why?


And the reason is exciting to me…

I’m gonna be gone writin’ for a while.

I’m going to dive head first into a fiction novel that I recently started, and I’m not going to blog again until it’s done.

Fiction was always my jam I’m a lot better at fiction than I am at this blogging stuff, if I’m being honest. Writing fiction has a way of freeing the mind in such creative ways. Every word on the page is a beautiful challenge of relevancy.

My first book, without giving much away at all, is a powerful love story and life montage that’s like none you’ve ever read. A hero for whom you’d never expect to root. A villain you’d never expect to love. How’s that for vague? Trust me. It’ll be good.

And I’m not coming back up for blogging air until I’m done with it. This book is where I need to put 100% of my writing mind right now.

Some say authors can’t jump from one genre to another. Non-fiction authors can’t write fiction. Fiction authors can’t become masters of non-fiction. To them, I say HMPH. I’ll do what I want.

Wish me luck. In the meantime, come have fun with me on the Single Dad Laughing Facebook Page. And you can follow me on Instagram too, if you like.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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