So… Apparently, I Painted This in My Sleep

Last night I knocked myself out with an Ambien, nice and early. I didn’t even set an alarm because I had nothing to get ready for until noon, and catching up on sleep sounded delightful.

Fast forward. I woke up tired as all getup this morning, and groggily looked at the clock. 1:06 PM. I was  already late! But more strangely, I was still so tired, and felt like I had barely slept at all. None of the data was lining up. Until…

I pulled out my phone later that day to show Noah the monstrosity that the urologist used to remove the stent (read about that here), and I was greeted with this. An image saved to my camera roll.

I was confused. And after pulling out my iPad, I discovered that I had indeed painted that with my Apple Pencil last night.

I don’t know how long it took. I don’t know what I might have been doing, besides that. I don’t remember any of it at all.

And I really have no idea why I would paint that of all things.

But, hey. Whether painted while awake, or in my sleep… Art is ARRRRRRRT, right?

Dan Pearce | The Single Dad Laughing Blog