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Suddenly Not So Single – Day 32 of my #365DaysToLive

Dan Pearce and Cassie Martinez
The universe really didn't care about my defiant (and very public) plans to give up dating altogether. As soon as I did, I met this awesome girl named Cassie.

WHY Do I Keep Thinking This Isn’t Working – Day 25 of my #365DaysToLive

It's been a weird week. Mentally weird. I keep thinking this #365DaysToLive challenge isn't working, but when I step back and look at reality, I have been ROCKING it.

Kinda Gotta Make Some Tweaks! – Day 21 of my #365DaysToLive

Three weeks into this challenge to live as if I've got 365 days to live, and I know I've gotta make some tweaks to be able to keep going in this challenge.

The Next Bro-Down Is Upon Us

Never in the history of sibling rivalry has there been a more important event. My brother and I need you to come and vote on who was the superior photographer...

Seein’ the World, Gettin’ Trophies – Day 16 of my #365DaysToLive

On a day when life was chaotic and packed with responsibility, I still had the goal of taking on time as if it was soon running out. As it turns out, the little things are some of the most important...

The Spontaneous Europe Trip – Days 8-15 of my #365DaysToLive

Just got back from a weeklong trip to Europe, which included trying new food, sinking a stranger's bike in a canal, and streaking with my brother on the beaches of Belgium.

A Suitcase & A House to Pack – Day 7 of my #365DaysToLive

One week into #365DaysToLive, and I already have both a suitcase and a house to get packed-up. Things happen fast when you're living life as if you have one year left to live!

Screaming Into Pillows – Day 5 of my #365DaysToLive

My child screaming into a pillow
As it turns out, I've probably been messing up my kid as I've taught him how to deal with anger, and so do most parents. Today was all about taking on anger in new, safe, and hilarious ways.

Screaming Scrabble – Day 4 of my #365DaysToLive

Dan & Noah Pearce playing Screaming Scrabble
As it turns out, living each day to the fullest is exhausting. My son and I had little energy left, but decided to do at least one memorable thing before our night was over.

Crabby Can Be a Good Thing – Day 2 of my #365DaysToLive

Dan Pearce & Noah - crab night with my child
Day two. We were out shopping, doing the same thing we always do, expecting the same kind of night we always have. Then we decided it was time to try something new...

A Glorious Loner – First Challenge of my #365DaysToLive

I've always thought the term and concept of "dating yourself" was a bit absurd. So, to launch my 365 days, I decided to challenge that mindset and go try it.

It Starts Today – Day 1 of my #365DaysToLive

Dan Pearce - 365 Days to Live
A lot of self-scrutinization, reality checks, and straight up honesty with myself forced me to realize where things are, and take glorious action to make life beautiful. This is day one. Join me.

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