Suddenly Not So Single – Day 32 of my #365DaysToLive

WHAT IS #365DaysToLive? After really looking at my current existence, I decided to both live life and parent my son as if I knew I only had 365 days to live. The following is a blog post within that series.

I’ve now got 100 problems…

And the girl is definitely one.

She’s a pretty dang good problem to have, though.

When I started this #365DaysToLive challenge, I was so done with dating. I was over it. I deleted all the dating apps off my phone, and made the (very public) declaration that I wasn’t going to date anyone unless it just organically happened.

God, I hate when common platitudes are right. Except, in this case, I love that the platitude is right. You know the one: “You’ll find the right one the moment you stop looking.”

Yeah. The universe didn’t much care for my defiant plans…

This is Cassie, by the way.

And just like *that* I’m suddenly not so single.

Who knows what the future holds, tomorrow or twenty years from now. I don’t know, and I don’t care. Part of #365DaysToLive is saying yes to good things and exciting things, and seeing where they go.

Lots of FaceTiming, a trip to Las Vegas, and a good dose of sleep deprivation later proves that saying yes a lot more often without worrying about what could go wrong leads to all sorts of good things.

Hm. I wonder what day 33 will bring. I don’t know if I can handle any increase in the awesomeness levels this #365DaysToLive is bringing to my life.

Please tell me you’ve all started the challenge by now. Spring is here! Time to stop moping. Time to get living. Join me. Just do it already.

Dan Pearce | The Single Dad Laughing Blog