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What If Only 100 People Existed on Earth?

Some interesting perspective...

Queen’s Grenadier Guard’s sister holds his hand

This is pretty touching...almost a tear jerker the moment you see him squeeze her hand.

The Aging Giant Who Weighed 1/8th of a Ton

Not a whole lot of people can say they know what it's like to look over the tops of trees or weigh-in at a fraction of a ton. But people like that do exist, and I'm living proof.

Dog Gets A Puppy For His Birthday

How sweet is this?!

What If You Burn 10,000 Sparklers?

WOW! Quite the sight to see.

Cat with the longest annoying meow

Poor kitty sounds so sad! It's doing a great job with the begging...haha

If you’re going 80mph how long will it take go to 80miles?

This poor gal just couldn't get it...

Imperial March played on Coffee Stick

Impressive, really. I'm always interested in things that the bored mind comes up with.

Privacy Invading Weirdo Perv Dog

See this? It's a photo I snapped of Yeti. Cute, right? I guess so. If you're into privacy invading weirdo perv dogs...

Dads With Lightning Fast Reflexes Compilation

Well these will definitely make your heart jump. Thankfully, there were some awesome dads and other people who saved the day in a flash!

Put your finger here…

These videos are so fun. Put your finger on the screen and wait for it...

Walk through China and grow a beard!

This is super cool. This guy takes a photo every day on his trip through China.

Baby bunnies doing the cutest things EVER!

Here's a super cute smile for your day. Tiny little fluffs.


Well, that could be a potentially stinky situation...

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Another Single Dad Laughing Roast by All of You

After my friends freeze-framed a horrific picture of me and began roasting me with it, I gave it to all of you to try and outdo them. You did not disappoint!

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