Say Hey to Yeti, the Dumdumbest Sweetie Dog

Say hey to Yeti, the dumdumbest sweetie dog.

Dan Pearce with Goldendoodle Dog

Noah and I have been waiting for years to finally move into a place where we can have a dog. The plan we’ve talked about throughout… Get a beefy tough-as-nails bulldog and name him something epic like Tank or Missile.

Being that we now live four stories up, the thought of house training a puppy just didn’t seem all that fun to Dad. I mean… How do you scold a dog for going potty inside and hurry him to his potty place to teach him that’s where we go, pal. I’m pretty sure it’d go like this: scold dog; scoop up dog; wog alllllll the way down the hall; hit the elevator button; wait 20-45 seconds for elevator; wait to get to ground level; rush outside; wog the half block or so to the designated dog potty area; put him down, and say: “this is where we potty.”

Yeah, um… No.

So, we’ve been keeping our eyes on the local classified ads, hoping a grown bulldog shows up needing a good home.

And then we saw Yeti.

And we just kind of needed him in our lives.

He’s a five month old Goldendoodle, so still just a giant puppy.

And he’s a real dumdum. But he’s so sweet.

And when I say dumdum, I mean dumdum.

He wasn’t in the best situation living with the family he was. He had almost no training whatsoever, and had a lot of super bad habits already. He was sick, too. He had diarrhea for the first five days he was with us, which was like… medium fun to deal with. The vet got him fixed up, and we got him eating proper, and started giving him some good ol’ loving, and he’s figuring it all out.

But he is a real dumdum.

We hold a ball to him, and he about jumps out of his own skin wanting to play with it.

We throw the ball.

He just looks at us and as if on a three second delay, he finally realizes we threw it, and he starts looking around for it. He rarely finds it, even when it’s right in front of his face.

He walked into the cupboard wall yesterday. Just walked right into it. Then he looked at us as if to say, “you didn’t see that.”

This morning I walked into the living room and he had his tail in his mouth, walking in circles.

But, dang if he ain’t the sweetest fella ever, which is all that really matters to us.

Dan Pearce | The Single Dad Laughing Blog

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