22 Fantastic Photoshop Fails

22 Fantastic Photoshop Fails

Photoshop. Sometimes it doesn’t go quite as planned… Which is why it is so fun to laugh at Photoshop fails! And here are 22 fantastic ones.

Photoshop Fail #1 - Ummm… I think this might be a parenting magazine encouraging abstinence in disguise. How many different faces did they pull facial features from to create the “perfect baby?” Haha. Creepy.


Photoshop Fail #2 – This is trippy. Kind of M.C. Escheresque.


Photoshop Fail #3 – Notice anything missing?


Photoshop Fail #4 – Always hold her hand, guys. Whether you hold it or not.


Photoshop Fail #5 – I seriously can’t tell what is Photoshopped in this one.


Photoshop Fail #6 – Her hips don’t lie.


Photoshop Fail #7 – Because happier dads and biracial families make everyone happier. Even if they look like cartoons.



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