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Detroit Momma
Detroit Momma

Dear Dan, 

My son's father lives in Fl as my son, bf, and i live in Mi. My son's father used to call on a regular. Slowly he started to call less. Once a week, now it's once every two to three weeks. We are still friends on FB so he can see his son's pictures that i post on there. I always see my son's father going to party's, going out, etc. But, whenever i ask why he doesn't call more he tells me he doesn't have time because of work. Or when he had an accident and was home for a week or two he called maybe once. When my son and him do talk on the phone my son wants nothing to do with talking on the phone. I don't know if this is due to his age which he is 2 1/2. Also when he is on the phone with his father he will call him Matt which is my b/f's name. My son and Matt have a great relationship. Matt is definitely taking on the role of a father in Austin's life. My son's father doesn't help with anything. As in sending money, buying clothes, ETC. We have not been to court for anything at this point but i know it is something i need to do. 

At this point i don't know what to do, and find my self aggravated that my sons father hardly puts in effort for his child. He is also expecting another child in OCT/NOV. Could this be the reason?